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Russian MVDs

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The Russian Interior Ministry MVD Spetsnaz unit known as the "Krechet" or Condor was originally formed in 1991. Their role has changed over time and whilst stationed in Izhevsk, it is responsible to the Moscow Federal Government. The unit recruits its members from the Airborne, Marines, Navy and other special units and is today Russia’s premier domestic counter terrorist task force.

BTW, heres what they look like...


gotta love toys these days, I am getting a Russian in the mail- and it aint a mail order bride. :lol:

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Yeah it took me forever to get this damn figure.I was trying to get figures to build Ghost Recon characters and the Russian MVD use the same camo as the Russians in GR. :wacko:

Sorry got off topic...

The Russian MVD are basicly a Counter Terrorism Task Force or a Russian equivilent of the German GSG-9 so to speak.

Dont listen to me though, maybe a google search is needed to get more info. :lol:

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I copied and pasted "Russian Interior Ministry MVD Spetsnaz " in the Google search and came back with alot of results.

Here are a few pictures.



Here is a site for all you modders out there. Go Here This site contains just about every single russian camo design.

This site Here contains a large assortment of vest/harnesses they wear/use.

Here you can read more about what they do.

More various pictures



Heres a couple of Toy sites where you can buy the MVD figure.

Small Blue Planet They are having a special right now, order $100 dollars worth of stuff and get free shipping.

Cy toys The have the figure as well as many others. Search in the Blue Box Toys section, then "Soldiers of the Wolrd" section.

Figure Toy They have the figure and lots more.

Finally, go to Ops Gear they have tons of loose accessories,etc.

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Them Spetnaz scare the crap out of me. The stories i heard.. these guys are absolutley ruthless.

my dad is friends with a guy who fled Communist Poland back in the 80s. he was telling us about his army service one time.. his english isnt the greatest, but from what I understood he was in Reserve Special Forces, basically reserve Polish Spetsnaz. two things I remember very distinctly were that he has absolutely no opinion of the M-16 having trained with it, and he said that a boat went through a pond or something and broke away the ice. he said the then had to swim 100 meters in this water. he said they did it naked!

there was a reason for doing it naked though. he said that with your clothes on, he said your clothes get cold. this as a result, makes you feel colder than you actually are so you swim naked to be warmer..

oh yeah, he said he was trained not to kill, just to injure very badly for the psychological effect on all the other enemies.

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