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Ghost Recon: Podagorsk released

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Welcome to the next GR campaign which takes place on the Podagorsk Peninsula, a small piece of land which sits just south of Moldova on the edge of the Black Sea.

Moldova, much like Georgia, declared it's independence from Russia in the early 1990's and was recognised as such by the UN in 1992. Again similar to Southern Ossetia in Georgia, there exists an autonomous region known as Transnistria, which refuses to be part of greater Moldova and continues to declare it's allegiance to Russia.

The Transnistrians occupy the region east of the river Dniester in Moldova all the way to the Ukrainian border to the east and heading south to the peninsula called Podagorsk. It is from here that Transnistrian rebels have commenced attacks against the legitimate government and it appears they may be receiving military support from Russia itself, who has not been shy in declaring it's disapproval at both Moldova and it's neighbour, Ukraine, declaring their independence.

Some UN officials believe that Russia has an ulterior motive for supporting the rebels and ultimately intends to reclaim the small European state of Moldova as it's own, and subsequently, use this occupation to launch a dual-pronged attack on Ukraine from both Moldova and Russia on the eastern border of Ukraine.

We cannot allow the Trinistrians to succeed with their operations but we have to play it carefully to. The last thing we want is to give Russia an easy excuse to launch a full-scale attack on Moldova. We must conduct our operations covertly, and as such, we will be using the Ghosts who performed so successfully in Georgia.

Good luck Ghosts.


Recent News Footage -


Downloads: - 8 missions ready for download (3 flavours to come - Vanilla Coop, ACE2 Coop, SP Campaign)

Vanilla Coop (still recommend you play it with ACE2 activated) - http://www.gamefront.com/files/21051546/GR_Podagorsk_vanillacoop_v.0.1.rar

ACE2 Coop (ACE2 kits and medic setup by phoenix soldiers clan) - TBA

SP Campaign - http://www.gamefront.com/files/21057359/Podagorsk_Campaign.pbo

Required Addons -

Podagorsk 1.1

Norrins MP Fastrope v0.9

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