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[looking for advice about a gaming laptop]

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Haven't been on the forum for a while so apologise if this subject has been covered.

For domestic reasons my desktop has gone and I'm left with an Acer Aspire 6530. Graphically, this is reasonably capable for all normal stuff but struggles a bit with GRAW2.

I've trolled the net for a laptop with more grunt but it's not the same as actually trying them with GRAW. Can anyone recommend one capable of running GRAW (GRFS) in an acceptable fashion? I don't mind if I have to compromise a tad on settings...not too much though!

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Hi Tecmic,

Currently there isn't even a PC version of Future Soldier announced so you would get a better indication of current/future requirements from basing it on current "new" games like BF3/MW3 Etc (rather than an older title like GR:AW 2)

I'll move this thread to the Computer Discussions forum and also retitle it so it's more meaningfull.

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Thanks Pave Low. I'm living in hopes I accept, but there's no way I can play GRAW with a console controller. (Yes, I have tried it) There are postings that suggest UBI are producing a PC version but this is all de javu...we've been through this loop with UBI before! Profit is first, understandably maybe but the PC fanbase can't be that insignificant and helped make UBI what it is. Is there no consideration?

No PC version = No sale, with me anyway.

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