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Operation Phoenix


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Operation Phoenix v2 is now ready for public release.

The only change from the last beta is the spawn location for the bunker has been moved to the inside of the bunker.

Download Link:

Operation Phoenix v2.

Mission Author: JohnTC02

Map Author: JohnTC02

File Size: 7.7 Mb

Version: 2

Operation Phoenix

Your mission at Silver Dawn was only a partial success, even though you were able to dispose of the testing facility the rebels were still able to get the smart IED's in production, our sources on the inside suggest that these smart IED's (SIED's as HQ is calling them) are now deployed on the streets of Mexico.

The rebels have caught us napping here Ghosts which has made our task of driving these rebel terrorists out of Mexico a whole lot harder.

HQ needs your services again, you need to destroy yet another testing facility in an attempt to halt production of the SIED's, we think that the rebels have several of the production/testing units dotted around Mexico so we must locate and take them out.

You also need to secure the HQ at this location and retrieve any intel that may be there, there is also a small quantity of chemicals stored somewhere nearby but we are not sure exactly what they are so proceed with caution.

Before we can arrange your extraction you need to secure the transmitting station and destroy a vehicle depot.

Good luck.

Your mission:

1. Secure HQ.

2. Disable Transmitting Station.

3. Secure Testing Unit.

4. Destroy Depot

5. Destroy Chemicals.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:




As usual this mission is adaptive, if you are playing alone you will be in Easy mode but if more players join then it will update itself and then be in Hard mode.

If there is more than one player the mission will be in Hard mode but if all but one player leaves, the mission will then be in Easy mode.

Easy Switch:

If there is more than one player then use this switch to play the Easy version (this switch does nothing if you are playing alone).

Hard switch:

If you are playing alone then use this switch to play the Hard version (this switch does nothing if there is more than one player).


The car bombs (IED's) are slightly different in this mission, I have found a way of using any dynamic vehicle for the IED's plus they are now random so you won't know which vehicle is armed so it will vary each time you play. You can now destroy the IED's with grenades or GL plus the usual C4.

New Feature:

This map includes two new buildings which I made from scratch, you will see one of them when you complete the HQ objective, I would like to thank Spik@ and Zeko for their help with the many problems that came up during the modelling process.

Thanks goes to the beta testers:

Spik@, Zeko, Rocky @ghostrecon.net, candy76041820, Anthony, Rahnman Zero Goose JayBOT mexicobob Cherry BLJ & the rest of the team @ TAW.net (The Art of Warfare), suneye2, ebk52, JackDoe, hollywood, kaapo, mexicobob.


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Been a while I know....played this the other night with Rahn and the TAW Crew...good stuff as usual John.

Hope all is well with you and yours...wishing you a happy holiday season as usual.

Colonel cherrylanekilla

Operation Support | DivisionCommander

The Art of Warfare

Premier international onlinegaming community offering structured gaming while holding paramount honor,friendship, loyalty, fair play and community.

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