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I've been a GR follower since the beginning because it's been the leader in military sims IMHO. Unlike many, I don't believe it's lost it's way with the appearance of GRAW and GRAW2. They were natural evolutions of the original employing new technology, especially graphics! Whether you agree or not, Kinect is the next major evolution in gaming and if employed thoughtfully, will enhance GR to a new level.

I'm sincerely hoping that the 'Gunsmith' component in the March 2012 version is not the only Kinect element in the release! There is so much more it could do, eg: hand signals to the rest of the squad; with enhanced camera resolution...the possibility of 'trigger finger' capability; throwing grenades; opening doors; handling objects; using tools; driving; opening maps; making phone calls; etc. etc. etc. Ok...so maybe these might appear later but at least, let's have weapons control, in the game proper in the March release!

Looking ahead, how would it be to have the ability to issue voice commands to Squad member by name? Spectacular but not fanciful I suspect.

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If it's in Gunsmith what's the problem with including it in the game proper?

Mmm...what I'm forgetting is the platform integration!

Kinect is an XBOX accessory (in case you didn't know)

I'm a diehard keyboard/mouse man. (In my wildest dreams I couldn't have designed a less intuitive human interface with a computer than the console controller...I hate them)

I've always got on pretty well with:-

(left hand) keyboard direction arrows and Shift for movement) Various keys for all other secondary controls.

(right hand) Logitech MX Laser mouse for fire/reload/scope/weapons select/ viewpoint and direction of travel. These are the primary controls, used continuously, there are others on the mouse.

Naturally, if flying then it's a joystick. (look in any Airbus cockpit) Airbus didn't choose a console controller to fly their aircraft...surprise, surprise! It's a totally innapropriate interface, so why are we given no choice in many computer games/simulations? Even driving is more appropriate with a joystick rather than a console controller.

Anyway, there's a problem! Imagine trying to stay alive in GRAW with both an XBOX controller and Kinect hand gestures...the controller is a two handed device! Maybe this is why we won't see a wider Kinect implementation in March 2012 and maybe for some while after that?

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Ubisoft has stated that Gunsmith CAN be used without Kinect. So its all good guys.

This is a Q&A from their forums.

"Can you use Kinect apart from Gunsmith? (Cesar A. Gonzalez)

Answer: Kinect will improve Gunsmith experience to both create your very own weapon and to test it in a close-to-magic experience: more information here. However, the game itself is designed to be played with a controller and thus Kinect won’t be used outside of Gunsmith. Please note also that Gunsmith will still work without Kinect."

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