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Exclusive Darren Chukitus Interview


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Continuing our Ghost Recon 10th Birthday celebrations we are today delighted to have an interview with Darren Chukitus, Lead Producer on Ghost Recon in 2001!

It's a short 10 question interview on Ghost Recon's 10th Birthday, and you can read it right now here!

How cool is that? :ph34r:

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very good read indeed, one question, what does all your base are belong to us actually mean, i remember using the console command once but i never actually got what it meant.

you have never played "Zero Wing" on the concel then, i take it :rolleyes:

im in work write now , but if someone does not post a link, i will when i get home, or go on google/youtube and look up Zero Wing opening :thumbsup:

Just found this

"All your base are belong to us" (often shortened to "All Your Base", "AYBABTU", or simply "AYB") is a broken English phrase that became an Internet phenomenon or meme in 2000–2002. The text comes from the opening cutscene of the 1991 European Sega Mega Drive version of the video game Zero Wing[1] by Toaplan, which was poorly translated from Japanese.
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Good read, and good questions for such a short interview; who did that btw? But this question, more then any of Darren's responses puts real numbers on something we've all probably thought about for some time:

Did you know fans are still making massive mods for the original that are so big they are classed as unofficial expansion packs, and the total amount of Ghost Recon mods available for download now wieghs in at over 8000 files and almost 40Gb of data!

Doesn't it boggle the mind, that there are probably hundreds of thousands of man hours of labor there (if not nearly a million), all done for free, coveted and loved by millions of Ghost Recon Fans globally, and Ubisoft hasn't seen a way to monetize this enthusiasm since Island Thunder?

It's sort of a glad/sad win/loose proposition where I feel very lucky to be a Ghost Recon enthusiast, and to have benefitted so much at such a small cost comparied to other games, but dumbfounded and sad that 'tactical realism' has virtually become the lost genre...

Explorata Umbra Aeternum!

(Ghost Recon Forever!)


Edit: Blues News Comments shows some of the out of channel sentiment and fondess for OGR...

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