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Operation Phoenix


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Operation Phoenix v1 is now ready for testing.

This map/mission has been in the development stage for many weeks but at last I think it's ready, the hold up was due to me taking the plunge and decided to learn max and try to create some new buildings for the game.

After many hours of frustration which was mainly due to the texturing I was finally able to get something new in the game, please bear in mind that I am new to max so the buildings are not perfect but I hope things will improve over time.

This map includes two new buildings which I made from scratch (see pics below), I would like to thank Spik@ and Zeko for their help with the many problems that came up during the modelling process.

The car bombs (IED's) are slightly different in this mission, I have found a way of using any dynamic vehicle for the IED's plus they are now random so you won't know which vehicle is armed so it will vary each time you play. You can now destroy the IED's with grenades or GL plus the usual C4.

New buildings in the mission:





I hope you enjoy the mission and like the new buildings.

Thanks for testing,



Operation Phoenix v1.

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Very kind of you, but this was truly YOUR accomplishment! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Due to the fact I only have two hands, I can only give you two big thumbsup, but if I had any more of them, I'd give them to you! (thumbsup's of course, not the hands! :lol: )

:flowers: Congratulations on an excellent job! :clapping:

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Checked out the Pheonix beta earlier today. Completed the mission in SP and found no problems whatsoever. No lag, no AI in walls, maybe one or two a little unresponsive but generally a good flow to the mission and some tricky sniper placements. Thought I was going to have a problem at the beginning after destroying the wall of tyres but eventually found a way through.

Nice work John.


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Things went smoothly during my test play, too. The two M2HBs helped me a lot bringing down that havoc. I think this map should be counted as one of John's maps that allow me to pass without dying. :rofl:

Three minor problems found. The tire wall is the first one, which blocked me for quite a few minute to get past after its destruction.

Second is located in the underground bunker, together with the chemical objective. The two piles of three barrels seem to be flying in wrong directions after I detonated the C4's. If I plant my bomb outside the room, the barrels as well flies outwards. I don't know if this is the fault of the games physic engine, though. :huh:

Last is about the fence in the way of extraction. In reality, I think Mitchell is going to plant his C4 on the handle, not somewhere else in other segments.

BTW, the leftmost (viewed from the exit port of that structure) of the metal sheets surrounding the extraction place seem to be missing, thus allowing the player to get out of the map. However I activated the game winning trigger too early so no screenshots are taken in time.

Good map any way, and should be a good candidate in your next campaign. :thumbsup:

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Hi John,

I tried the new mission on "easy" on my own server. I absolutely loved it. Very nice job.

I didn't have any trouble with the tires at the beginning, they pushed me around a little but I was easily able to get through. I had a few comments about the underground bunker objective. I took the back way in through the crater and made it all the way through. I finished the objective and took the "front" door out up the stairs. The lone AI stationed there took me out and then I respawned right back in that building at the top of the stairs and he shot me again!! Is it possible to respawn somewhere else, maybe in the main room downstairs where the objective is located? I also had trouble with the barrels at the entrance to the room containing the objective. They blocked my way and I had to shoot them with a GL to move them.

Other than that everything went well. I had no lag and the AI were very agressive. The open gate at extraction was puzzling for a second until I realized that our method of extraction was to take the jeeps out that gate. Then it made perfect sense. I'm not sure whether TAW will be able to try this out collectively because financial difficulties have forced us to give up our dedicated server for the time being. I will let you know if the situation improves.



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Today on the server with your map, the map alone 'hard mode' was running.

Others waited for it did not come ...

Well, all other things are not bad graphics are very good.

A very easy introduction to this map.

(The direction I was the right direction.)

Processing and two jeeps going to the first point passed without any particular difficulty for.

Points, then the enemy's movements are very good.

After processing the first time since the mission is a bit difficult.

Carrying a little too overwhelming to feel alone, should be a minimum of two students seem to handle each mission.

Try a little much but within this map does not seem to be any problems.

Thank you for your efforts sends.

To be a happy day today ... :)

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Thanks for the feedback.

I wondered if some of you would have problems with the tyre wall at the start as I did get stuck there a couple of times, a well placed grenade will soon shift them though.

Candy, as Rahnman said the gap in the fence at the extraction is there to make it look real, your pickups came that way to come and get you, I don't think it would look right if it was shut and locked, even though there is a gap there you can't get out of the map.

Rahn, I was going to have the spawn point in the bunker but I didn't want to make you oldies run to far :P , having said that it's not a very good place where it is now so the bunker would be better.

Sorry to hear about your server Rahn, I have had many hours of fun on there with you guys so I hope you get it back up soon.

I'm a bit surprised no one has mentioned the new buildings, you cant really miss one of them as you have to go in there to complete the HQ objective, I'll take any feedback on these be it good or bad so if you don't like them or have any suggestions to improve them then post your thoughts, I have another new one ready for the next mission.

Cheers, :thumbsup:


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Candy, as Rahnman said the gap in the fence at the extraction is there to make it look real, your pickups came that way to come and get you, I don't think it would look right if it was shut and locked, even though there is a gap there you can't get out of the map.


Actually I didn't remember having any visual on pickup vehicles. :o:blink:

I thought the extraction location is at the other side of that brick wall... :wall:

I'm gonna play it again choosing a different route. :o=

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After the game the first time by myself, together with other gamers try this map came two more times.

Beginning the first of my front tires to prevent that spread out slicing.

Simply remove the grenade and it is gone.(it was the way of other players).

While performing missions after that there was a car bomb was discovered at a later time.

Perhaps that seems to work as a timer or sensor.

Among them, self-propelled gun(?) Indicator appears on the C4 bombs he was there, seated on the bomb, the bomb goes off while the bomb seems to be that destroy incentives.

Other than that, other things are proceeding without any problems.

And, the building seems to be still being created.

Create a bend in the passageway inside the building maintained its fine, I rented it could pass.

So, you intend to connect the left and right channels I doubt that there is not.

Soon this map can be used for both tests seem to end.

Of your time to be happy ...smile.gif

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Hey John,

BTW, LOVE the new buildings!! I have to admit though that the little one blended so seamlessly into the landscape that I didn't even notice it. The other building was awesome! I wanted to stand up and go CQB but since it was open to the outside I was afraid of snipers so I had to crouch the whole time. You had mentioned that making new buildings would increase the download time for the missions but I didn't see that. It only took 1 minute.

It would be great if you could make something like a multi-level apartment building or a hotel with multiple rooms in it that we would we could go "Punisher" in!!

How did you come by your copy of 3dsmax?



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hey John not bad with renewal I was alone on hard and reached 94 aier before I had to bite into the ground but the map was ok until I gave up playing when i file it wars to hard to play alone on hard lol lol, it was too hard to will be fine but I have not some problems, it run fine too, will now fine one to run hard and get it out completely ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite

Edited by ebk52
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Hey John

Tested your map with Rico and Robin

fin map no problems with the tyre-wall, or any thing els, Rico and Robin hadd some Crash, i vould sai that not becorse of the map!

i did not crash, if intrested, i'll ask for crashlog.


Preben Hollywood/Fischer

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Jippie-Ya-Yeah, another one from John! :lol:

It's a very nice map and mission. Like always we had much fun, no boring and the best, no lags!

Frames was mostly >45fps and only some times at ~35fps which produced no problems as well.....

We used the same old hardware because of too many other expensive things are going on.

Of course we have seen the new buildings and I thought I have seen much more new things as well.

Have we seen (Italian?) flags at other missions before? There are 2 at the HQ.

And the best is that I had a AI inside of the trash container at the right of the HQ....crazy, because he shoot me twice because I was laughing.

All in all a fantastic map/mission again. The new buildings are nice and fit very good into the map.

Was was a little bit surprised when we walked from HQ to the fence and have seen no AIs there.

Getting to the extract was about 7 or 8 AIs, which means that this is not normal for John.

May we used the wrong way and getting to the fence is more interesting from other completed objectives instead of the HQ.

Like I said, long way from HQ to the fence and then filling up the guns because we calculated with a big AI rush.

Again, no lags, no crash, no graphic issues seen and no script issues seen. Oh, we played hard/day.

I don't think there is a big FPS difference between a day/night switch in there or using a special made day mission.

If I remember right, I tried both versions of Pegasus, with switch and the separated day/night versions and had alway the same fps.

And if it makes a 1 fps difference then you can decide to use a switch again.

So all I can say is thank you very much for making us happy again :yes:


Edited by kaapo
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You had mentioned that making new buildings would increase the download time for the missions but I didn't see that. It only took 1 minute.

It would be great if you could make something like a multi-level apartment building or a hotel with multiple rooms in it that we would we could go "Punisher" in!!

I have been able to reduce the size of the textures from 20mb down to around 5mb plus the smaller ones are of a much higher quality, after much research I found a different way of texturing the buildings so I only need one texture set for all my buildings in each map.

Given time I hope to be making some multi story buildings, I have a three story guard tower almost finished for my next map so my max skills are slowly improving.

kaapo, pleased to hear you didn't have any lag in the mission, it's a bit strange though as it's about the same size as the last map plus there are new custom made buildings in phoenix.

For a change I thought I would make a few missions without the long insertion/extraction roads so you can get to the map/action quicker plus this helps to reduce the size of the map and the recourses needed by the game.

Thanks to all the rest that provided feedback, without your input my missions would never turn out as good as they do.

I am working on my next mission but as I'm creating new buildings for each map this has more than doubled the amount of time it takes to get them out for testing.

I have posted some more pics of the next buildings in this thread, please post over there if you want to comment on them, as always any feedback is always welcome.

Anyway, I think this mission is just about ready so if there are no new problems to report I'll get it released when I can.

Thanks all, :thumbsup:


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John, I played solo yesterday afternoon and it took me over an hour just to get to the HQ. Loved the new building by the way. I next went to the bunker and got nailed by a sniper. When I went back to the bunker I went to change my rate of fire and got the infamous Z bomb.

Then, we played on the TAW server last night on Hard and had no problems. I just used a shotgun to move the barrels out of the way in the bunker. I think it is more than ready to release. Another winner.

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