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What about ubisoft doing an HD remake of GR & GRIT for xbox 360


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correct, and get rid of the M16 and the PASGT helmets. use FAST and gunfighter and MICH helmets, oakleys, shooter hats, modified uniforms, etc. since GR/GRAW takes place with the 2008-2013 window, if they make an HD remake, they need to look at the gear the guys are using NOW and be like OH CRAPSTICK.

that means weapons are changed: Mk 18, M4A1, HK416, XM320, M203, Mk46, Mk48, M1911A1, M9A1, M11, M240, M24 in .300 win-mag...

and what else should it include? ballistic effects and a destructible environment.

and, actually, let the player customize the uniform. ACU, 3/6 color deserts, multicam, 5.11s, woodland, black/grey fleece

plate carriers instead of IBA, AN/PVS-14 NVGs instead of the AN/PVS-7D.


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Well if we're gonna get into daydreaming.....

A new revised version of IGOR including new resonse and trigger features.

Destructible environment.

Hand-to-hand combat possibilities.

Better animations for modders.

More vehicle details such as players using MGs.

Easy to use map maker like the editor for GRAW. I think a combo of the GRAW map editor and the GR mission editor would be superb.

Viewable player model (no looking at your feet to see that you're a floating head with arms sprouting from nowhere)

I wish they'd listen to my advice. :)

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If they're gonna make a remake, don't do it for the kiddies who sit around staring at x-Boxes all day. Make it for us gamers who are still loyal to old school GR. And they'd better still have IGOR with it, if they do make it (which they won't because they obviously don't care about us) :(

I was going to run down through the regular PC remake wants, then I realized the OP was asking for an HD version for the 360.

It'll never happen.

Carry on.

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