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.rsb files, need some help

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I need to modify a texture file in the Ghost Recon/Data/Shell/Art map.

reticle_misc.rsb is the file I need to change.

This seems to be the only rsb-file I cannot open. The rsb-tool I am using to convert to tga or bmp crashes when I try to convert this one.

I need all help I can get here.



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I have no experience with RSB converters but i know that they are more trouble than they are worth. Don't bother with them. Use the Plug-in from the Island Thunder CD and Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and your set :)

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Take avey2904's advice and stay away from the convertors :o=

The reticle_misc.rsb contains the reticles for the binocs, grenades, demos, etc, etc.

Jack :)

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Avey and Jack are both right. Do yourself a favor and get rid of those converters. Otherwise you'll need to reinstall GR/DS/IT.

Grab the plugin that comes with IT and put it in Photoshop. Then you can open em all. :)

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