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packing the bags and going


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Well you can do what you want with this, but just hear me out please and thank you.

I'm not leaving because of this forum, this forum has been great over the past 18 months I've been here, yeah okay, we had a few hiccups but the forum is still great.

So basically over these past few months, I've lost interest in the Ghost Recon series, and games all together. so i just don't see the point of lingering around on these forums any more if i can't really be interested in what's being discussed. so i just thought maybe it's time to pack up the account and go. Alex still likes this place and is still takes an interest in the future and past games, so please don't hold my lack of interest and contribution against her in any way.

But i didn't want to just silently leave without saying Thank you and Goodbye to you all, it would be rude.

So Thank You and Goodbye.

Good luck with the site, Rocky :thumbsup:

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Understand that games like this roll with the tide as there are up times and down times yet down the road the tide will come again

with new interest or games and it would be best to just leave and show back up later rather than say goodbye.

Also understand this site is a gaming community Not a clan, The main game is GhostRecon but there are plenty of other games being discussed and even just random every day info.


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This forum is actually a lot like Hotel California....'You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave' :whistle:

Just remember the 'non-disclosure agreement' which you agreed to when signing up to this forum :shifty: (check fine print).

'See ya' :thumbsup:



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Hey guys, if your thinking that "holiday" was short, then i'm only here to say a couple of things. I've been reading over alex's shoulder when she's been on here seeing if there's anything i could discuss and making sure she's behaving herself :P, there are a few topics, but i'd rather keep quiet. and i'd just like to say thanks for the kind goodbyes, and you are probably right, i may turn up one day and discuss a couple of topics.

@operative, it is sad, but it happens unfortunately, and before long i can see CoD players going the same way also.

@ spik@ i agree so let's call it packing up and checking out? :lol::thumbsup:

and i can't remember that far, could you remind me please?

Knowing me, i'll be back to discuss future soldier when it's out. so hope to see you then.

Best wishes guys!

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