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Black Berets Special Forces is recruiting

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Games We Support for PC:

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3

(Server Coming Soon)

Ghost Recon Online

(Server Coming Soon)

Call of Duty 4


Black Berets Special Forces , is recruiting players from all nationalities (english speaking), skills and standards, whether you are new to the game or an experienced player.

Do you have what it takes to be in the Black Berets Special Forces?


Must come on our Teamspeak server and interview before being accepted into the BBSF. Server Address: ts3.digitalthemepark.com

Must be 16+ (with some exceptions)

TeamSpeak and a working microphone

Clean background (No hacking in your History)

Maturity and a willingness to LEARN

Must be able to follow orders as a team player

Must be able to speak clear english

What we have to offer!


Web site (http://BLACKBERETSSF.TK)


A rank structure as close to the U.S. Army's as possible

Positions, jobs, and roles within the team

FULL inner-team operations

Scenarios are developed. Maps are chosen to represent them

Platoons face off against each other, one acting as Opfor, the other as US Army

Tactics and strategy are developed and practiced thought platoon/squad drills

Promotions, ribbons, medals (medals can be earned by regular playing, regular scrimmaging)

Call of Duty:MW3 Server (Coming Soon)

Ghost Recon Online Server (Coming Soon)

Call of Duty 4 Server 32 slot (

Contact Information:

Website - http://www.BLACKBERETSSF.TK


Xfire: Zombie182560

Email: zombie182560@gmail.com


Xfire: babygump42

Email: N/A


Xfire: rugerstern

Email: jeffgifft@homesc.com

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