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BF3 BETA map - reminds me of GRAW!


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Well, had my first game in the public BETA last night, but before I give you my opinion I would just like to say one thing...

The 'park' map and some of the visual effects reminded me strongly of GRAW/2 (....really...).

From that over-saturated colour palatte they use, to the mechanics of movement to - of all things - a piece of paper that was blowing about in the wind - I had to do a bit of a double take! (All that was missing for me was that sound of the tin can rattling about and dogs barking to make me feel like I had openned teh wrong game.)

The park BETA map also reminded me of a GRAW mission - where you had to go into a park and destry some AAA.

Anyway - I suppose you could explain away my fellings that there was some similarities by saying that it is a FPS and there is a common graphical thread running through all such games these days. CoD players will probably see a lot of CoD in BF3, and so on.

Well - as to the game itself...


I'm actually quite pleased it ran and in decent quality on my machine as I did have a few issues with BC2 (though not with the code optimized BC2: Vietnam).

First impressions are VERY positive - although on this infantry only BETA map it does feel a bit more like CoD:MW than a Battlefield game. They are running a 64 player vehicle map too now, but you'll be lucky if you can get in one of those servers as they are much sought after!

Weapons are very nice and I was most pleased to have a AK74M as the default assault weapon (the default assault US weapon is - of course - the M16A2). Animations are likewise very realistic and I love thenew 'vault' animation where your character leaps over low objects. Best of all we have the option to go prone again (much missed in BC2).

Gameplay itself is very fast and furious and the new suppression feature and the blurriness it causes when you come under a hail of fire does add a new sense of realism that was missing in BF2 and BC2.

Problems? Well, this is just a BETA but the server lobby interface seemed very clunky and I had problems working out how to join my mates online (hope they simplify that process). Also the squad organization diodn't seem quite as easy to use as it was in BF2 - but I repeat that this is just the BETA.

We have the BETA available until the 10th and I am guessing there will be a flurry of tweaking on EA/DICE's part going on before the actual release. BUT as BETAs go this was a very positive start and I actually managed to make a few kills (usually my first attempt at a new game is one large whooping session)!

VERY pleased! (Pre-ordering today.)

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Correct Tinker... Broswer only... but works really well and keeps all your stats instantly + voice comms are even in the browser - not ts3 quality but better then any other in game ones that i have heard. I was using IE9 and no issues.

Also to add - One of the things i don't understand... Why release a beta with unassignable mouse keys. You know when the developers were testing it they could. Why break this and release as a beta. Also sinking into the map on a few servers. seemed to have been resolved the next day but it was like quicksand in areas.

All in all it WILL be a GREAT game. Just wish even betas were a little more polished. I saw a lot of bad complaints for the above in their forums for something that could have been easily fixed before release.

Anyway... - You forgot to match in the comparizon to GRAW... graw like sounds. You can actually here the metal ratchet of your gun firing pin when you are shooting. and the grenade sounds! I lost track of time Friday night and ended up going to bed at 3:00 am. There hasn't been a game that could do that to me since [GR] (although BFBC2 would draw me in some)

Also prone is there, and straff running. Jumping is there but not really possible to bunny hop. Tactical flashlights that everyone can see and will blind you!!! and laser sights on my pistol that everyone can see. They can be turned on and off also. No peak though... although i don't use that as much in games anymore.

I'm excited.

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Not bad graphics although I set mine at mostly medium the real eye candy has been turned off in the beta.

Q9505 uses 80 % of all cores

GTX465 uses 70-85 % and I have never had a game that would properly use it till now.

The beta is open and only has one map it is a run and gun game but can be enjoyable played with freinds

all and all it's fun and when released will abide our time till another hot item is released.

Come on Guys your gamers go ahead and dowload the beta just for the heck of it.

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I'm enjoying the beta so far as well, although I'd much prefer to see hardcore mode to get a feel for how that'll play out on the new maps. I'm also looking forward to seeing what they do with the remakes of the BF2 maps once they come out and how differently they play with the new engine.

There's a running and frequently updated line of communication from the developers on what they're tweaking on the servers and what they've fixed so far, and also what they will be fixing in the final game. One of those was the glitch where you sink into the ground. They have a fix in the final game, but as a workaround in the beta they've turned off destructible terrain completely. You can read that stuff here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/devblog/

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[is the sink into the ground bug still there? one night i was playing and it was bad. Next day, didn't sink at all. Trees though would still fall over so i can't say it's totaly not destructable.

For not being hardcore i will say this. Most shots at close range still do kill... very quickly unlike the rediculus softcore in cod. Most sniper shots within 50 yards even on the weaker guns drop the enemy within 1 to 2 shots. longer distance... not so much but i am only a private 7 so i haven' got to see the good guns yet.

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Yeah, still lots of annoying bugs but the game is really going to be nice from what I've seen. I've ranked up through level 26 (xbox360) and it will be nice once the game realeses and I'm playing with my regular group, to unlock the squad specializations and stack them up.

It will also be nice to play on some bigger maps instead of fighting in the funnel that this map creates. The damage so far is nice like you say though and hopefully they keep it that way (with the exception of the ump which seems to be glitched). Some people are really complaining about it but I like the fact that if you get the drop on a group of guys you are going to mow them all down with out having to worry about them turning on you and dropping you.

The one thing I wish they would tweak as well is the blinding effect of the flash light in the daylight areas. It should not still have the ability to blind people.

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