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new ogr map vamonos


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I have started playing this about 4 times now, but keep getting killed before I can even turn the first corner. I have killed at least 66 AI by this time, but still can not make it around the corner to the first red area. Very intense play for a solo player. They just keep comming. :blink:

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yes the map is intense, and not really meant for solo play.

the individual ai groups have 10 waves, after that they wont respawn anymore.

when i tested it alone it was very though but possible, but ok i know the map.

try to make your way on the right side of the street to the corner, beware you will have 1 or 2 ai coming out that ally.

once you hit that spot it should be a bit easier.

the respawn ai maps that i do are meant for teamplay, so they can be really brutal when you try em solo.

if you have at least 1 m8 to cover you it will be a lot easier to reach the marked areas.

hope that will help you a bit.

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