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Would anybody be interesting in a GR 5v5 / 6v6 Tournament?


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Would anyone be interested? I have about 9-10 (Possibly 2 teams) people who play Ghost Recon on a daily basis and they're very interested in something like this. Not going to give out info on the format or anything like that. Just making this thread to see a show of hands. Thanks!

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Sorry Apex, the format would 100% be 5v5 / 6v6.... We're shooting for 6v6.

Now, for you guys that are indeed interested, please post the following

Team Name:

Team Members:

Contact Info (Email, Xfire, Steam etc.):

If we can get 8+ teams, we will get this started right away. Be reminded, it's for fun, as of now. If it's a success, the next one WILL have some sort of prizes.

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Have you asked around on our GR server? There's loads of people there playing TvT every day. I'm sure this would be just up their alley! In any case we should definitely promote this some more! GR.net may also be able to donate some small prizes for this, so let's see what we can do to get this show on the road. If our game server admins have no objections, you could probably hold the tourney on the GR.net dedicated server if you wanted to. Very much hope this gets some traction!

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I see where this is going.

RileyFletcher has eliminated Rocky

RileyFletcher has eliminated ApexMods

RileyFletcher has eliminated Zazel

ApexMods: Crap guys we gotta win this thing, hurry and kick him

While I admittedly like the idea of kicking you, it is not even decided whether this tourney is held on the GRF server. :P

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