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Kimi Leaves Ubisoft!

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Kimi Matsuzaki has left her position as Senior Community Developer at Red Storm Entertainment. Kimi became a household name around various Ubisoft gaming communities, not least the Ghost Recon community where she worked tirelessly to engage with the fans.


Kimi was always ready to assist with any events, competitions and tournaments that we were planning at Ghost Recon.net and on behalf of all the fans I'd like to thank Kimi for trying to do the right thing for fans of the Ghost Recon series.

I know there's already a thread of best wishes on Ubi, but Kimi did so much to work with the Ghost Recon community here at Ghost Recon.net it didn't seem right not to have a public THANK YOU right there.

Good luck Kimi, and thanks for everything.

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Thanks all! lol I love that image!

Aww you guys! I think I got something in my eye...must be an eyelash. :P

I'll still be around for sure, remember I was a forumite before ever joining Ubi for work! It feels like I've been around for a lifetime, so it was just time for a new challenge for me. :ph34r:

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