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SpecOps Campaign: testers needed.


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hey people :D

i've been needing a project that's a change of scenery from the one i was already working on (Longbow) at the moment, that one is taking the piddle to get the plot straight.

Anyway, i was thinking yesterday, why not loosely base a campaign around one of my all time favourite playstation games? so i got the Playstation out and gave Spec Ops: Airbourne Commando a quick run through to jog memory a little.

The dealio so far:

The campaign has been planned to be around 16 missions long (i might add a few of my favourites from Covert assault before the ending if not the campaign is 10 missions long) with a 2 mission testing release cycle. if you can stick with me for that long it would be fantastic, and if this is deemed download section worthy any testers that stick by will be credited for it.

like i said, its (very) loosely based around the airborne commando missions, pretty much only the mission names and the outline of what is going on is even the slightest bit similar

the maps are unfortunately stock maps, however i do hope to use a few in the downloads if i can get permission and whatnot.

Also if i am right in saying i must (and will happily) credit Phlook for the placeable objects, they play a big part in the first test mission.

if i seem to have missed anyone for crediting, please don't hesitate to give me a shout and i will make amends.

The missions should work nicely in campaign mode. and i know the objective completion proximity is quite far from the target but the whole mission has been optimised so it is possible to sneak past all enemies but the bridge guards.

anyway, enough jibber jabber here's the link to the first 2 missions, you know where to put them surely.

Latest version : BETA 6


next 2 missions are Hostage rescue and Counter insurgency, then we take our minds away from the jungle scenery and into a ruined city for 2 stages.

here's to hoping the mod works. :thumbsup:

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Mod is in place, always good to add a reamne file and update it each time you release a patch. Contain credits for use from the start. :thumbsup:

2 missions look like a good start here in Igor, not had chance to play. I would work on these 2 missions for now, get them up to a decent sp/coop playing level before you start anymore. If we can implement some basic random plans from the beginning it would be good.

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awesome! thanks for checking this out tinker

i had that feeling i had forgotten something in the zip file, i'll make up a readme file now so i don't forget.

i'll carry on with these 2 like you said for now, the worst i want is to move on too fast while there are still some playing issues or something. :thumbsup:

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I had a play through on both using campaign mode.

Both missions played the RSE audio briefing.

Ommitt the RSE file name for example: <BriefingWaveFile>c02_briefing.wav</BriefingWaveFile>

Also it is necessary to rename the map from the original. <MapName>C02 Military Camp</MapName>

In your case you have done this already.


Met all the objectives and the mission ended. When met objectives registered in mission status when hitting the escape key. Maybe make this available for MP coop in mission properties?


Met 3 of the 4 objectives and they registered complete when accomplished.

When I got to extraction, the "Get to extraction" objective would not register and the mission would not end.

Overall, nice missions. 01 especially could use a couple more roving patrols to dodge while on this recon mission.

02 with only 30 some odd enemy was hard enough but a few more roving patrols would not hurt here either.

Not a necessity but it is nice to have smoke at the EZ for easy identification of the zone.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to make GR missions!

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hey Wombat :D

thanks for taking the time to test these missions.

i've fixed up the briefings and added a couple more patrols in the first mission, however the second mission will not accept any more patrol teams without crashing on startup of the mission :angry: i have added a few actors on patrol though

the smoke for the extract zones have been added and i've moved the extract zone for mission 2 and it now works however i know the objective completion loops that's human error and i've just fixed it then

the briefing wavs have been removed so they shouldnt be a bother now.

aaand i've forgotten to check the MP co-op box! piddle! :lol:

i can see i'm going to have to add another zip on mediafire after this one.

here's the (mostly) fixed version


if you get any crashes i should have a basic idea of where they are coming from :thumbsup:

the final version will hopefully include randomized patrols as soon as i suss it out.

oh forgot to add on that even though the extract completion loops the mission should still complete or crash

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I have only a basic understanding of Igor so the below may not be entirely correct.


The drugzone is a large circular zone now. I suggest a smaller rectangular zone as I was not even in eye contact of the crates when I got a message that the "Search For Evidence of Weapons Deal" objective was complete.


In the briefing screen, command map tab, the images cycle through the objectives but the locations don't match the objectives.

In Igor you can set these using waypoints from the Misc list and when placing them, from the action drop down list choose the correct objective.

Same goes for ingame. If you want to mark objectives on the command map. Use a new waypoint, place it and from the action list choose label. In the text box enter the appropriate text.

Extraction and insertion zones are quite close. This is OK. But I can see the extraction smoke when inserting. Maybe have this on a timer or trigger that will activate it later?

I purposely ran out of demo charges before demoing the storage building and bunkhouse but the mission did not fail.

Mission still does not end in this version.

I advise placing links for updated missions in the first post of the thread.

Delete any that are not current. Just indicate in your most recent post if you have a new update that the link is in the first post.

Thanks Alex!

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thank you for testing again wombat :thumbsup:

i'm going to have to make this pretty quick, sorry.

i'll happily fix up all the things you stated first thing tomorrow and update it for you :thumbsup: i was worried about the extraction smoke and the zone though, i'll use flags for the extraction smoke activation.

as for the first post thing, my edit button has gone walkies, no joke, i'll ask the forum admin if they could kindly edit the post with the latest version :thumbsup: anyhow, sorry about the rushed reply :/

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too right there wombat! :thumbsup:

sorry i've been busy with the mod so it's a little late.

anyway, here's the update list:

the waypoints have been added, however they don't match the mission objectives (3 waypoint's for the bridges etc) and in the final version they'll have their own shots.

the demo charge mission end conditions have been added.

the smoke has been set to activate upon the completion of the demo supplies and the bunkhouse objectives.

and to add on there are some updated skins for the ghosts,an urban skin and a greener cuba skin. here's a couple of images.


(he's in front of the bush)


and here's the update link:


it's odd that the 2nd mission doesn't end for you, well, i've changed flag states block, to counter states so perhaps you can get the mission to end this time :P

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Had another go with the latest update.

Might have to run the ghost sniper through Mike Schell's skinner again.

First lode carries the new skin but LOD 2 and 3 change to what looks like a desaturated skin.


Seems extraction is working but immediately goes to mission complete when one ghost enters the EZ

and the rest of the team/teams are still quite a distance from the EZ. This is the case with Mission 02 also.

Map icons ingame are fine.

A couple of the objectives on the command map in the briefing screen are not in the correct locations.

The one for extraction is on a bridge. "The Drivers of the truck Must Survive" should be very near the Crate objective.

Nit picky and allot of people don't pay attention to these smaller details but some people appreciate it.


Smoke for EZ working correctly and shows only when it is needed.

Ditto from 01 about extraction.

New skins look good. :thumbsup:

Your beta tester from hell, wombat

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thank you for testing again wombat.

the cuba sniper? i just thought it was wine as i only got it once, it could be conflicting with the urban skins. i'll put them in a separate folder this time, and run it through the skinner again to make sure. sorry about that :P

i'll fix up the extraction check parameters, and make sure all members of the platoon are in the zone before it extracts. :thumbsup:

and i'll fix up all the waypoints too.

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right this should do it, the skin problem was indeed a file conflict so the skin has been moved into a new folder and it should still work.

the extraction zone should now check that all players of the platoon are there before moving on. the waypoints have been fixed on the command map.

plus a little extra for you to play with :P

David Cole, the first hero character of the campaign, he's available after mission 1 and his stealth is high, he could come in handy for mission 2.


(i think the screenshot is in low settings, wine can't seem to emulate high settings)

hopefully this should be the final version of those 2 missions providing all is well and i should know what to do in the next 2 at least, sorry for all the mucking around, it shouldn't be as bad in the next 2


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hey guys

i've scripted up mission 3, it should work, if not, you know what to do.

command waypoints look odd on this, no worries, it's because the objectives are relatively close together, so it just acts as a guide.

anyway, mediafire doesn't like me today so i've used filefront instead.


Enjoy! :thumbsup:

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hey just a quick update, i've been slowed down due to back 2 school and stuff so updates and new missions may take allot longer to complete, but i haven't given up, sorry. but i've fixed the skin and the briefing error as stated to me in a PM ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey, I'll test for you, Zeealex. Also, I think it would be simpler if you just sent the links to members who wanted to test, and that way every time you updated it, they would get the new version, thus not having to make a new post with different links each time you update. It gets confusing sometimes. Just an idea. ;)

I'll give them a run through tomorrow.

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Tested 1- Drug Lord Recon early this morning, and while I've got a break I thought I'd give the results:

Shouldn't the drug lord have a name? He is said to be a known drug lord. Just a little thought.

Sometimes your sentences in the briefing are run together; too long sentences can get confusing.

A few of your words weren't capitalized when they were at the beginning of sentences.

The Ghosts didn't have any combat points available; you may not want them to have any, but you can add that in the Mission tab.

The kit icons on your custom kits are all the same, but that doesn't really matter as you can see the weapon names.

Objective 3, Drivers of trucks must survive---maybe make this objective x or 4, as like an overall objective. When it is just in the middle of the list, like objective 2 or 3, it seems like it has to happen in a certain order. Just a little thing you might consider.

Waypoints on briefing map are in wrong spots.

My AI shoot the truck drivers, even though they are hostages <_<

Objective 2 is completed before I even get close to the objective site.

Objective Clear the Bridges won't end even when no enemies are left at the bridges. Maybe it completes when you extract?

I liked the sniper placements on the northeast corner, but you might extend their spotting range to make it more difficulty. It's like a turkey shoot at times. You can extend the spotting range from the Map tab.

Besides that, it was a good mission, and I hope that I haven't overcorrected it. Trust me, I've had a lot more errors in my missions than you ;) Keep on working and you'll have a great mission. I'll test mission 2 tonight. Nice job, Zeealex.



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Thanks for testing riley, the clear bridges objective should complete, perhaps you missed a guy?

i'll take on the PM advice too :) seems a good idea to me

i've noted down what i need to do, and i'll get down to it tomorrow, got a bit of time on my hands hopefully :D

sorry about the late reply and long time no update, haven't had the time to sit down quietly and get on with it. but I’ve got some time now soo work continues! ;)

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hello peeps.

i've just finished mission 4 but i'm not going to upload it until mission 5 is done too (i made a test mission 5 to make sure the hero skins were working as they should so it would seem pointless to delete it that and i seem to be having a few issues with the actor files of one soldier.)

i'll PM you two when mission 5 is complete and all things that need fixing have been tended to.

does anyone know the policy on using SOAF maps for this? there's a couple of good ones i wouldn't mind trying out for the mods

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SOAF is Red Storm Entertainment though

Correct :thumbsup: it is the legal property of RSE/Ubisoft

does anyone know the policy on using SOAF maps for this?

Oh yes, it's a question that pops up here every few years

so i'm not sure what the dealio about importing them into the game is

No user can include any SoAF game assets in a mod or distribute them in any form.

It is against the Ubisoft EULA and as such would not be acceptable at this website

*There are several "SoAF mappacks" floating around on the web but these are not legal and as such are not supported here

What can be done and has been done successfully is if the user owns the full retail SoAF game and it is installed then they can use a mod that just copy's some of the SoAF files to the "GR mod"

providing the mod itself does not include any SoAF assets, but once the "GR mod" is installed, then includes a batch file to copy the necessary SoAF files that were already installed and present on the users hard-drive.

Best example of this is the great mod by Giampi

But it is very complicated to pull off successfully, so you could just have Giampi's existing mod as a "required mod" but it would mean that every player would have to already own the SoAF game, which sadly a lot of GR players have never heard of or played

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