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This is a GR:Aw2 conversion of the GRAW mission number 2 by the name of "Coup d etat".


File size is 131MB

Name for you server is: coop_mexbob_Coup_d_etat_v5

Main objective: You will have to locate and rescue the President. He has probably been kidnapped by the rebel forces. His last known position will be shown on your map. You will have to go there, rescue him, secure the area and finally reach the extraction zone.

Threats: You will make your way to a huge square that’s going to be occupied by some enemy forces. Furthermore, even stronger units will arrive in this area, mainly because you will have to get back to the square later during this mission. You will also encounter an enemy havoc as you cross the square. There are a couple of Zuse rockets placed in the area for you to use. The second part will require you to be on a look out for enemy snipers. Most of them will be hiding on roofs of the surrounding buildings.

You will need to create a diversion to draw out the enemy which you will encounter on the remaining part of the mission. The final part of the mission requires that you destroy an enemy tank that is preventing the Vip from escaping. There will be a resupply point on top of the parking garage once you have reached the VIP's Panhard. You need to protect him so he can escape.

Thanks to the Beta testers: RickDekkard, Rico686, Rahnman, and Kaapo.

Your input has been very helpful in bringing this mission to a close. Thank you very much. :thumbsup:

There is a error in this mission when loading to a dedicated server in v3, this is being corrected in v4.

Also version v5 corrects the last respawn checkpoint activation.

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Just a heads up folks.

I'm not adding v3.1 to the downloads just yet as there maybe a problem with the mission script, waiting for Bob to reply to my email to see if he will be releasing another version with the updated script I sent him. :thumbsup:

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Version 4 has been added to the download entry.

We are using Gamefront for large files but it looks like Gamefront is currently off line so please check it's back up before reporting this as a broken link, lets hope they sort it soon. :rolleyes:

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Hi Bob, we just played V4 and it was great.

Heli Problems with dedicated server are gone!

The mission is running smooth and was just one time at 24 fps but went up again very soon.

Also the value of AIs was very good (we shoot about 175 of it) and they was very good placed as well.

In our opinion it is your best mission and you did a big step forward with it.

Yeahhhh, great job! :yes:

Thank you for this mission! :thumbsup:

Kaapo_Erika & Kaapo_Klaus

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Suspected bug - Map Coup d etat:

Not able to proceed on to the next objective, which is never given, after shooting down the Havoc and getting to the VIP's car. This happens under the Easy difficulty level. (Other difficulty levels not tested.)

Have been running around the objective for minutes but nobody shoot at me. I think I've killed everyone nearby. Maybe some of them is incorrectly spwand behind walls?

And also, the "Checkpoint # activited" notification keeps coming up on the screen - is that what it should be?

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After fixing the last respawn point Bob told me that it caused problems with the other spawn locations.

These should now be fixed and v6 has been added to the download entry.

Whoa, another update... I wonder if I should be downloading a month later in which no new versions are released, haha.

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