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annotated screenshots show what gear the ghosts are using


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that shoulder mounted rocket

Reminded me of the one LtCol Rhodes AKA Rhodie used as "War Machine," called "The Ex-Wife." I still have yet to see a pen-sized object capable of penetrating a T-80 and also packing enough explosives to blow it up, not to mention the fuel and thrust capacity to launch blah blah blah. The point being, Mickey Rourke would have owned the 2010 GR:FS Ghosts.

Back on topic, those are nice pictures. The annotations actually give me a clue as to what the heck is going on in the game. Maybe Ubi's stopped thinking quantity and is now thinking a little bit of quality?

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Although the exo and shoulder rocket system is removed, Does anybody else think that this may be due to the learning curve of the game.

what I mean is the RECENT mp and single player (zambia) show load outs similar to above but maybe that is to facilitate learning new GR game controls and systems, i.e zambia is an early part of the game, poorly armed militia, not professional trained.

However maybe footage from last years e3 still applies but is taken from later on in the game once players are used to the rudimentary controls and so the complexity is increased via mini gun drone and shoulder mounted rocket launchers are used against harder targets (armour) and better equipped troops.

any thoughts on this premise? after all just because we haven't seen them recently doesn't mean they are gone!

PS although it's concept art the first screenshot looks like Africa background, hell the second one could be anywhere but my brain says the airstrip footage.

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