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Anyone tried World of Tanks (Free)

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Hey I will give this a try. Maybe download tomorrow.

You know, I have driven just about all British tanks in service up to the millennium.. Never played any game, even Arma, where they actually drive like a real tank. :blink:

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I'm downloading now. If I can use the controls (left hand only since "the incident" but I can use analogue sticks more or less) I'll look forward to dying a lot.

Is it just me, though, who will not call it "Free 2 Play" when it's "Pay U n00b"-ware?

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Ahh Battleships - brings back fond memories that does.

And cheers for the link, Rocky. I'm downloading it now and will give it a go later today after work.

I remember reading a review on this in PC Gamer (I think it was) and it was pretty well liked. And regards Free-to-Play game these days, well I've got a lot of respect for them, well some of them anyway. The thing to do is not get sucked into wanting to buy upgrades, a lot of the time it's skill > than the sum of your parts anyway.

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