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Playing "Knock'em dead" in Quick mission mode and find that the statistics don't work correctly. Headshots are always correct. Beginning of the mission and I've scanned 4 hostiles without being seen and the in game statists say I've only scanned 2 or 3. At the beginning of the level, before I've even been seen, the in game statistics say that I've been ingaged in combat. I've completed the mission many times. Get two headshots with one bullet and the stats say I've only made one hit on enemy. Completed the level to perfection, all headshots etc and really looking forward to seeing a huge score only to find that the stats are saying that I have had a retry. Also, the amount of fights doesn't add up most of the time either.

I noticed all this trying to beat my highest score and update the leaderboard.

My personal High Score for "Knock'em dead" is 22370 which gave me 20th place on the world leaderboard but I updated not realising what I was doing and updated to the lower score of 20848 (back down to 50 something). So fine tuning my gameplay I've tried to beat my previous best and save it to the leaderboards but, the statistics are corrupt.

Anyone else noticed this bug?

Will keep trying and will see what the deal is with other Quick missions in SP.

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