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I wanted to keep the IBH theme,so that's why there are few boonies ,and besides that's been done already by Mikey.

The forcerecon.chr is a freebie,and is not activated,if you want him to show,then open up and overwrite the sniper.chrs using skinner,or else edit one of the specialists,its easier to do Galinsky as she's the 1st,and that's the Aussie chr!!

So are we all pleased with what you see then,cause this one was for all you guys who came to my aid last week.Thanks!!

AS I've said before there are textures not in use,so they are a bonus.

The background for the menu screens is an actual photo of Bagram airfield in Afghanistan!!

If anyone sees white textures its because you Must have DSand IT to reap the benefits of this mod,as some of the faces belong to desert chrs!!

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I was thinking the exact same thing :)

Argyll, the mod is awesome!!

I'm a total noob when it comes to modding...how do you use the unused textures in the mod? I also noticed that all the default riflemen, etc have the exact same face...is this how its supposed to be?

Thanks again for the mod :D

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Ok the SASR guy is just a balacklava,with a bandana abgled on his head to give it the apppearance of the shemagh!!!There are 2 textures required for the ForceRecon/SASR guys head,the balacklava is called Balclava base_force recon.rsb,and the face texture is called jackstone _head,these are the textures for the eyes!

Chris these chrs are for the Iraq 03 mod,I was thinking of doing,it's in the pipeworks!!

There is a chr when in the desert/jungle he has a baseball cap,who looks sesasoned!!

The unused textures....well there are 4 different hues to the IBH,take your pick!

The same face.......it was easier than having to make up 200+atr files,if someone want to spend hours doing it then...... good luck!!!!

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It would be v. difficult to make all the characters have different faces. For one, like Argyll said, you would have to edit 200+ files which would take a long time and secondly you would probably have to edit the faces as well (about 100+) :( This is because Argyll has put glasses on the model of the character and the face he edited has the 'lines' for the glasses. None of the original faces have these 'lines' so the guys would look stupid because they would have lenses and no frames. :lol:

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Cpl Ladanek,

When you run the exe it asks you where you want to install,it then tells you that directory(SOF)doesn't exist do you want to create it,reply yes and off it goes!!

I want to thank you all for the response to this mod,between my website ,and fileplanet It has racked up 1000+downloads,since Monday,which to me is phenominal,I honestly didn't expect to have that kind of response.

I am taking a short break from modding chrs,and I am going to concentrate on my M4 weapons pack,at the moment its too high a polycount for the low end users,I may redo it all,and lower the count on them all,I don't know for sure yet.Once again thank you all ,who downloaded SOF!!

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