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The only problem that I found was with the respawn location indicator. When I cleared the square of AI I saw a message stating that the 2nd respawn area was activated. This message would fade briefly and then would light back up again. It did that for the rest of the mission. I never saw any indicators of the other respawn points. I did not die when testing this mission so maybe it would reset if you died. At any rate if a person did well and did not die for a while I'm sure this message would get bothersome.

Hey Bob, tried v2.3, loads fine and enjoy much more the mission now (had fun looking for the heavy sniper on the VIP's location).In the other hand, I had the same issue that Rahnman states. Once I get "Checkpoint one Activated" message it stays there all time. When I completed the "hold position" objective around the VIP's car, it lighted up the "Checkpoint two Activated", then faded out and again I got the "Checkpoint one Activated", then alternativately showed checkpoint one and two, but always activated one of these messages on screen.

Despite of that, great improvement and nice job again Bob. Thanks for your effort, making us enjoy even more our favorite game.

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Rick and Rahn,

I got the checkpoint messages fixed, now working on other little issues like trying to get all the billboards showing.

Took care of the drop point waypoint turning off after the tank is taken out.

Cut the extraction time down.

May add some more AI, we'll see :whistle:

This is just about ready.


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Hey Bob,

This is such a big map that I think some more AI would be justified. Not too much though because I like the small squad/recon feel of these missions.

If you would like I can send you a couple of files that I add to my mod which make you invulnerable and have unlimited ammunition. I use these files for beta testing for the reason you just mentioned. It cuts down greatly on testing time. Let me know if you would like them.


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Thanks Rahn,

But I need to die to check all the respawn areas and make sure everything is working in the different parts of the map. I use the invicible mode for first testing the turn it off when I think its ready for proper tests.

I am having trouble figuring out which billboards are not showing, I have all the billboards from the GRAW files in the sytem but still some are not showing. It takes a lot of time to figure them out. There are aprox: 191 billboard items that can be used. :wall:


coop_mexbob_Coup_d_etat_v3 is ready :thumbsup:

See 1st post for download!

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we use a LAN only (no internet) dedicated server and LAN 2 clients.

At the server we use no GUI to activated the missions, we edit the dedicated_game_info.xml to implement missions.

Now, if a mission has a different name as the beginning filename, I'm always in trouble find out.

I#m doing that on a client to see at LAN - create server - looking for the mission name ther.

The problem gets a real issue if a mission name has a space at the end like:

<match_info level="coop_mexbob_Coup_d_etat_v2_3 " order="1">

This space is not visible in the list for creating server and can drive you crazy because you do not know why your dedi server is not running.

Conclusion: Do not use spaces in your mission name and keep both identical.

Filename and mission name (except .bundle at the end, of course)

Now we are getting to a real problem.

We could play this mission only until the first Heli comes into the game.

How many Helicopters did you create?

I have seen at least 3 in the row at the same point and time.

This slowed down our server and clients like hell.

My client lost the server connection and could not connect anymore because of my server was too busy.

Please see screen shots:

3 Helicopters:


After I shoot one (6 fp)


After I shoot a second (5fps):


Hey, another onde: (5 fps):


Then I was gone and the first client had 4-6 fps but was still in the game.

No chnace to hit a heli.

The begin of this mission was not bad, the AI#s was placed smart and the atmosphere was very good.

After that we played Johns last campaign mission without any problems!?

Greetings, Kaapo

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