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Crash due to map file path


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Graw 2 is crashing after installing this map upon startup, here is the deatils of crash log, the game usually runs fine with no problems and I have tried down loading from another site but still get the same problem. When map is removed it runs ok again and I have the game fully patched up, any thoughts and help would be appreciated, many thanks.

Crash in application version: 0.3048

Custom level bundle coop_mexbob_ahumada_v2 contains an invalid file path

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Hi Wireman,

This error is normally due to a conflict with other bundle files you have in your custom_levels folder.

Make sure you don't have any older versions of coop_mexbob_ahumada_v#, if you do it will cause the crash you mention.

If there is no older versions of that map then another map is using the same path somewhere within it's directory structure, if you want to play Bob's mission then remove some of the other bundle files until the game will run with Bob's map installed.

Hope that helps,


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