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my ATTEMPT at a skin template

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my whole aim yesterday when there was nothing else better to do was to TRY TO whip up a GRAW Ghosts template, after a good few hours of frustration i settled on borrowing a few bits from the bump map, the mexicans and manually removing the camo where possible.

some bits have been left out, still trying to find a way of tackling those.



it doesn't look like much but you can add a camo on now without worrying about the multicam getting in the way on the larger areas while still having the wrinkles.

it may be out of sync, i can't test it over here so, sorry :(

now you can (hopefully) use this as guidelines or to overlay a new camo onto it without too much faffing around, you'll still need some basic knowhow of what to erase from the camo and whatnot but overall it's an improvement over using the stock skin as a template...

this is what you get with the stock DDS when applying a desert camo on the overlay blending:


and this is what you get on my template with the same camo and the same blending.


like i said, it still needs work (and i'll update when i've finished said work) but that's what you get for now, if someone could make sure it isn't out of sync, that would be great. thanks :D

with any hope this should revive the skinning side of GRAW? doubtful, but it's there if you ever want or need it.


it's in DDS format, hopefully you should have an idea of how to open it :P

i think i may do the helmet next.

anyway, enough of my babbling, enjoy!

hope it's useful and not out of sync. :thumbsup:

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