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Getting my crew to change weapons

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Hey everyone.....

I'm sure that somewhere over the course of time someone has asked the question I'm about to ask at least a few times. And I apoligize in advance if this has been brought up before. Is there any way possible for my crew to change weapons in certain situations?

For example, in the mission FIERCE RESISTANCE, I'll suit up with a Zeus, as well as one of my AI crew. I'll get the chance to use mine, but when I send my AI crew to attack a tank, hes out there with guns blazing, but ends up getting blown away by a tank. ( the dumb nut ) and not using the Zeus thats he's been equipped with.

So, is there any way to get these guys to be able to change their weapons in certain situations? All help is appreciated. And thank you in advance for any and all help given.

Omega Recon

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Unfortunately GRAW AI isn't the smartest AI around, as for getting them to switch weapons is not possible. It is really all by chance, sometimes if they are closer to the tank and you order them to attack the tank, they will maybe 25 to 50 percent of the time take out their ZEUS and takeout the tank. It may take a couple of tries :(. However, you can avoid those tanks altogether and just go around them instead. Later on in the level you will have 2 tanks available to you to command. :thumbsup:

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