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Whats better/less bugs ? GRAW 1 + or 2

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I would like to know what the big differences are between GRAW1 and GRAW2.

  1. Different Graphics
  2. Less/more Maps
  3. Better/worse Gameplay (most important Coop)
  4. Gametypes
  5. Less/more bugs

I have come to really love GRAW2 in a very short time :) and even if I have cursed the game a million times for the many crashes of it, I still really like it very much. However, a game like this or a previous Part of the GRAW series with less bugs would be also very appreciated. ;)

So if someone could tell me the differences between the two GRAW games, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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For the cost of them you can get both and play them both. Gamestop sells GRAW2 for 10 bucks. Other than the talking points they both have great mods and tons of missions available. I am not sure which one I would choose.

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For the cost of them you can get both and play them both.

I agree. :yes: The thing I really hated about GRAW was there were a few situations that were so scripted and linear that I had to replay them over and over again just to figure out how GRIN expected me to complete the mission. Frustrating is how I could best describe a lot of GRAW. :wall: GRAW 2 was way better. Had UBI kept their paws off both games and spent enough money to make them worth while we might have ended up with 2 much better games. <_<

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Thats UBI. As soon as they are involved, as good as a game can be, they ruin in one way or another. I am already afraid since UBI is involved in TRACKMANIA 2, that they will ruin it. I am a huge fan of the original, without UBI, but now the 2nd and with UBI, I really am afraid they will ruin the game for me.

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