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GRAW2 Match Statistics


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I had trouble connecting with the FTP function. I know you can't host local server and FTP to Windows, I wonder if a web host has a similar problem connecting to it's own FTP server?

I was too scared to use the executable, not being able to see the code inside. Also, I want to be able to administer which logs get uploaded, and not just upload all post game results. Truth? Too scared to test it, lol

Gonna try to change the ftp2.php to just have a multiple file POST from
the server, reading a local folder and renaming files as it uploads.

I'm getting close to how i'd like it, so I'll release it as a newer version, thanks for giving the go-ahead on that.

Why can't I find just the normal smiley? oh well, big grin then. (heh, big Grin) :D

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Gone about as far as I can with it for now. Single file uploads only, but the HTML tables are all centered and the medals and percentages all work ok. The Medals are kind of a fixed feature, but you could always set the scoring out-of-range to disable awarding them.

Links above are the same, now updated. I'll work more on it if we play the marathon, if Red Sabre doesn't distract us that is ;)

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Update of changes:

Centered all fields, removed stats for Zeus, C4 and Adats (redundant)

Changed kill / death ratio, swapped for weapon Accuracy

Map Images for Server Viewer, Map Statistics, Maps Played

Added Medal System (next job is an option to remove them)

Added Offline Server Image and Table (my current server is blocking mine, it does work)

Added Longest player shot and CQB distance average

Optimized for co-op

graw2_stats_v2.4(feel free to report any problems or changes you'd like)

example output (latest version changes linked at bottom of page)

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I've added another thing.

The info is html, parsed from an online masterlist...hope it stays online til I learn query protocols

A link on the IP redirects to an individual server output page. (it does work but...)

Unfortunately my webhost is currently blocking the ports, but the list is viewable.

No link to an uploaded version yet, but will be included in v2.5


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