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GRAW2 Match Statistics


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GRAW2 match statistics software displays your servers game statistics as web page. You simply upload your game_info.xml file via your web browser to generate match, player and weapon details.


Displays system wide player info as summary

Displays weapon detail used per player

Displays maps/matches played per player and other players that attended that match

Displays system wide weapon details, which maps the weapon has been used in and statistical kill information

Displays detailed match information

Easy to install


Web server running PHP 3, 4 or 5


Additional Info

Tested on co-op servers but should also work for DM games as well. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.







Current Release is ver 2.0

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Thank you very much, I like it. ;)

Just a question. Which part in the .css file would be the font color of this ?

Our players have fired 16595 bullets,

thrown 27 grenandes killing 2547 enemy

and only managed to kill 15 friendlies.

And also is there a way to give this part of the list, the top, a different font and color than the rest of the list ?

Player Total Kills Instant Kills Deaths Suicides K/D Ratio

I hope that can be done somehow. ;) Thanks again.


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At the moment all font colours and types are managed by the css body tag. I'm currently working on a new display template to make the modules more organised and more appealing to the eye. i appreciate your suggestions/comments and will add css tags for the items you have mentioned and more...

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ver 1.2 Update

Added new display for statistics. Divided into 4 categories :-

1. Server

2. Players

3. Maps

4. Weapons

Added more modules to gain more statistical depth

Added ability to easily change fonts, colours and styles of most elements.

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Great. :)

Do I need to just overwrite the files already on my Webspace or do I also need to use the SQL file again ? If possible I wouldnt like to add all the Stats again. ;)

Thanks in advance.


just overwrite the files. Be sure to put your settings in the functions file.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Updated to ver 1.3

Added module to show current server status and features.

* Online/Offline

* Game Type (coop, tdm etc)

* Server Version

* Friendly Fire True/False

* Host Name (server name in GameSpy)

* Max Deaths

* Match Length

* Maximum Players

* Message of the Day

* Current Map

* Current Players

* Player Names

I purposely excluded the map rotation as most servers the map list is longer than the query buffer will hold. I may look closer at this in future releases.

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In addition to the previous stats boxes, I love the "current server status" module, you can quickly check without start the game, if there are some partners already in to join they (as I prefer not to play alone).

Very nice job, Jody.

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In addition to the previous stats boxes, I love the "current server status" module, you can quickly check without start the game, if there are some partners already in to join they (as I prefer not to play alone).

Very nice job, Jody.

Thanks RickDekkard for the comment. I too find the module useful for not only seeing if the server is running but also who is playing what map. I trust others will also find this module useful just as you and I have....

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  • 5 weeks later...

Version 2.0

Added FTP module to index, fetch and add new stats to database. Easy to install, easy to upgrade.

Saves time by downloading by FTP new match info files straight to your web server and processes them.

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  • 1 year later...

Had a bit o' trouble with this - the TUG team one had too many errors to fiddle with (maybe later)

Apart from the sql (which any good sql host should be able to find a work-around for installing tables)

Basically finding modern examples of SQL table insert and equally, fixing PHP deprecated code.

I'm doing a lot of this lately, so sorry for digging this up, but someone might need it one day....

I had to modify the first few lines of the stats/index.php

where it said..

// if (isset($_GET['cat'])) { $cat = $_GET['cat'];}

// was changed to (courtesy of StackOverflow PHP help)
$cat = (isset($_GET['cat']) ? $_GET['cat'] : null);

and it worked perfectly.

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I could release a community version of v2.0. I'm guessing the code works for some people.

I have also attempted to do some PHP renaming, text alterations and layout, but it's really up to the individual.

And you really need to know about MySQL and PHP to get it to work, most people who use this software can do that no probs.

What might be easier is I'll just post the code elements of v2 that I altered (it wasn't much) and anyone wanting help will find it here

since Jody created a link in the program to this thread.

The SQL was the main problem... but only involved removing all the ' commas.

If I spend the right amount of time on it and make it Installable-User-Friendly I'll release it as a download, sure thing. :yes:

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OK so I've managed to get it working a little bit.
We need Jody to return and look at what I've done to re-work anything I missed.

So, if you know PHP,MySQL and CSS you should be OK.

Fixed the SQL file install
Fixed some PHP errors (not Jody's, just out-dated code)

Some table layout modification
The server viewer is on a seperate page to speed up stats viewing. It still works good.

The FTP upload is removed until I understand it better, so only uploading of individual game_log.xml's allowed.

Not sure this isn't just for COOP, and TUG Teams one handles PvP better, but not sure if that's for just GRAW anyways.

Well, it's a start.

I want to host a COOP campaign, to play John TC02's two Campaigns, and intend to edit it further
(if I'm really up to it and have nothing to do - a feeling not unwholly unfamiliar to me - which also got me to thinking "hey. Jody's a girl...I wonder if she's cute?)

The idea being I implement a medal system akin to ghost recon classic whereby Bronze Stars, Silver Stars and Purple Hearts are awarded to players. A nice page on which to show medal images!
Would be nice as a memento of the glory days, along with screenies, when the Campaign Marathon is over...

Anyhoo. ...Laters...(on)



...there are more statistics that weren't included that I'd like to add, like player weapon accuracy as a percentage

and player kill range in metres.

I like the idea of medals, but since I'd need to allow users to set the values to award them it should be a togglable option. Here's a screenshot of where it's heading so far....my own CSS style, you can change it easily.


Edited by Palyarmerc
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That is sooo cool what you did with the stats.. I havent looked at the code for some time now and with both php and mysql updated, some of it would have fallen into the depreciated bucket.

I ceased using the ftp function since i wrote a small app to run on the game server which uploads the stats file as soon as each game finishes. this saves the need for the ftp feature, I guess i left it there in case i ever wanted to revive it or re vamp it in some way,

Feel free to make a community release as i wrote the software for the players.

Also, it should read and support co-op games as well as other modes but i was always un able to test that side due to a lack of match logs.

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