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need a free music ripper

Cpl Ledanek

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is there a free music/mp3 ripper that cuts protection off?

I made a picture slideshow for a departed friend that plays fine in YouTube, but not in some Asian countries, and also on Facebook. FB prohibits it completely.

I'm trying to bypass FB restrictions since 70% friends are on Asia, majority in HK

I've use iTunes and MS Mediaplayer. I dont know any other music software for this.

Please advice

Admin: if not in compliance, please delete. No need to PM me.

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well, its not the song/track that I have a problem with, but it's the same artist, but different album

this one is allowed (with links to iTunes), if it stays up there, I'll put the slideshow, do the flvto--->mp3, then use that mp3 for the HD version, and try again on FB

Weird that this one particular song/track matches the video compilation. I was going to use a different artist/song for this video, but I might just keep it :whistle:

shoot! I'll load the HD version up in the DiRT3 thread :rocky:

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