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best wishes to fellow member, Alex

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hey everyone!

Alex had an operation yesterday and she is currently laying in bed being her typical zombie-ish self only in a little pain and trying but failing to type.

anyway, against her wishes, i made this thread for you all to wish her well or as Alex jokingly said "quite the opposite" but i doubt you will do that, you are all too nice :thumbsup:

anyhow, say what you wish and i'll leave you to it :P

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no, not life threatening thankfully, it was a skin graft after a previous post-op wound on her back failed to heal correctly. just told her, she groaned at me and said thanks to you :thumbsup: anyway i'm off for the night now me thinks

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best wishes to fellow member, Alex

say whut? and i thought you were joking! :rofl: naah, i knew mum had posted it :P

thanks people it is a pleasant surprise,

well, i've finally managed to get into a comfortable typing position while lying on my side, so, i suppose, i'm back to posting, i doubt it will be nearly as frequent for a bit though, got to stay in bed for another few days yet and i can't stay in this typing position for very long cause it aches after a while :P yippee for meee! not :rolleyes:

I am also on the mend but from a road accident, but found once I was able to get on the computer and do some gaming I forgot all about my aches and pains

:o ouchie! hope you get well soon, must be pretty painful for you :/

hopefully this will be an end to your troubles, fingers crossed.

troubles? i deny any knowledge of such a word :whistle: honestly though, i think it will be :P

anyway thanks again to everyone and i hope all is well on your end :thumbsup:

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