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It's safe to say that Ubisoft haven't made the strongest brand of shooters and multiplayer experiences when compared to other shooter-focused companies.

You don't think Ubisoft and go "I remember they did that awesome multiplayer shooter

Some people might disagree with that.

The old fans will definitely have expectations on what a GR game should be, be it the War Fighter or Future Soldier fans

Oh dear. Goldfish memory.

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very interesting read, i'm glad to read that leveling up does not give you any massive difference in sense of physical power and that you have to earn the good stuff, but i couldn't help but stumble upon the team based bit.

A player who uses the recon class' oracle ability will help other players nearby know when an enemy's coming, regardless of how selfish he/she is. Everytime that recon player uses it, it felt awesome.

1) i like the idea, it's very well thought out here, it seems that the Singapore devs had the idea of discrete nudging of team play (as it is said)

but it brings me on to another thing,

2) while the ideas are quite fantastic, working as a team doesn't seem like a "must" like in the first GR (sorry about the comparison) but in the first GR you certainly couldn't go out on your own with no team and kick ass. you would be dead pretty quickly, even if you know the game off by heart, no mission was ever the same. and i think for the whole team thing to work, you need the best of both worlds.

having those discrete ideas mixed with you'll be dead pretty easy if you don't work together.

One guy blitzes in with the shield, while the other can help clean up the mess if the point man misses a spot. If you delay one second, the guys who got knocked down can get up and counter-attack. It's important to have someone watch your back; the blue lines help you coordinate better with your team.

1)this is pretty much, what i meant with the best of both, but i'm meaning in a much broader sense, those blue lines they speak of, need to go in order to make the teamwork or dead bit work, as it's not you and your tech that is the team, it's you and your teammate that is the team, you shouldn't have to rely on the "blue lines" to guide you, as teamwork is tactics, and i don't remember seeing hockey players use blue lines to co-ordinate a formation (just an example)

...one of the constraints we have is that a level one player can kill a level 50 player

1)good, that's probably one of the biggest game killers for me and probably others too. well thought out development there. if a new player is constantly being thrashed by a "level 50 player" that they can't kill they would most probably not enjoy the experience and not play the game anymore.

We haven't released the final details of specs because we're still optimizing the engine on our end, but the basic objective is to make it accessible as possible. You don't need the latest rig to play the game.

1) great call, it would have been all well and good releasing a F2P game but if their system needed, for speech's sake an AMD radeon HD 5450 at least to play the game and they only had a HD 3550, they wouldn't be particularly happy, even if the HD 5450 is dirt cheap, because to them, they are still having to fork out money for the game in a sense that would stop someone playing right away.

When the camera is on third-person, I get better situational awareness

1)good point, but do you not think that is taking the fun away from it? games these days have been dumbed down and made too easy for the player, if it's made to little of a challenge, re-playability goes to the rock bottom and starts to dig, as there is no room for improvement if you master the game on the first play.

We're shooting for Fall 2011.

four words: looking forward to it.

right, wrapping it up here for now, over all i the game is sounding okay actually despite those annoying bleeping sounds, in the leaked videos but I'm sure you will have a button in game to turn that off if not I'm sure I'll switch off from it. and it will be on my download list (again) for sure. let's just hope the players live up to what the game is all about and not leave people on their own to fight.

sorry that was rather long... :P

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I too like that Ubisoft seems to be giving team-work in the pub pick-up game environment a lot of attention; though the latest 'leaked' video was not very encouraging in that regard compared to the earlier leaked videos that showed more promise.

On a related note I always notice is that Gamers with a lot of time on their hands, that relentlessly play a particular multi-player game find ways to play the game that prevail and aren't anything like the Designers intent.

It's not unreasonable if Ubisoift regards 'Tom Clancy's' name and 'Ghost Recon' as franchises, and they do use the term 'franchise' relentelessly; that there will be Whoppers, Cheesburgers, Fishbrugers and Chickeburgers.

I just hope we get GR:FS on the PC as welll as the new flavor of free...


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I guess you can call it teamwork.. But when you're forced into a linear corridor towards a single objective, you really have no choice but to all do the same thing. It may get you to look like you're working as a team, but it makes for pretty boring gameplay. Even in a less "tactical" shooter like BFBC2 the maps are much more open and you have multiple objectives to attack and defend simultaneously. And working as a team means something - it's not just a side effect of the game design.

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