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Finn Skin

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full download.


saves you going all the way to the bottom to find it.

hey guys, i thought, about half an hour ago, i might try and make a GRAW skin...


yeah at the moment as you can tell the texture isn't seamless, i'm working on finding a seamless texture for it.

the helmet texture hasn't changed from the original and the multicam layer is still present underneath.

basically, i need someone to extract the file below and put it into your local>english folder and then test it in GRAW for me as i can't ATM due to my OS not being compatible (even on wine)

so if you could could you test it and post some screenshots up along with some what to do next's if it's not too much to ask

thanks :D


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thanks for posting up the screenshots tinker

i swear i said the helmet texture wasn't done yet, i'm going mad i tell you! XD yeah, it's on the known bit. I'll get that done now.

looks like i need to remove the texture from the shoes too :P

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newest version.


texture is seamless, and flak vest is now defined.

as well as some face paint for the beloved ghosts :P


can't put the dds file up, because i can't seem to get in contact with SOF_WOLFF (the maker of the base texture) but that's the hoped outcome.

paired with the helmet that will be the final version of this skin unless there is a glitch.

once i get permission to upload the .DDS file

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