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removing fence panel

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I want to be able to remove a fence panel after i have reached a certain point like area 7 so as to make the journey back shorter. I have looked in the other topics and the pdf by wolfsong but not sure how to set this up.

any help would be awesome



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This may only work for actors not sure: <_<

<element type =" DisableUnit" name_id="fence_01"/>

You could remove the fence panel altogether and place a dynamic vehicle there, set it to indistructable, then hide vehicle when needed.

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Hmm seems to be for actor groups. If I remember in graw2 you add a location around the object and add a command of remove world this removes any objects inside the location, but sure it is not valid in graw1.

Maybe someone will know more about this.

But still simple use of a vehicle and hide it when needed would do for now.

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Some vehicles are just props in the static layer. These you cannot hide, so make sure it is from the dynamic layer. As it is dynamic, you could blow it up, so have to make it indistructable.

Just add a basic hemtt or m1078

start game

<element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="blocker_01" start_time="2.0"/>

now I think you need to SetSlot here and change it to make it indistructable, have to check this bit.

But when needed:

<element type="RemoveVehicle" vehicle_id="blocker_01" start_time="0.2"/>

Noted post above, good to know.


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Add the line you used for the heli:

<element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="blocker_01" start_time="2"/>

<element type="SetIndestructable" name_id="blocker_01" start_time="3"/>

when needed:

<element type="RemoveVehicle" vehicle_id="blocker_01" start_time="0.2"/>

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when i remember right its not possible to set a vehicle to indestructible.

you could set a dynamic to indestructible that i know for sure.

but also a fence can work, but be aware that it can only be the wooden fences. there are some more probs what can be taken out during the game, but i dont remember them all.

also regarding the name / crash thing. for some probs and statics you have the rule "if you name one you need to name all"

what type of fence where you using? a shanty fence? those cant be taken out.

i always used palacio doors, wooden fences or dynamics to block shortcuts

well anyway btt

so when you want to take out a wooden fence to create a shortcut you need to use this line of code.

<element type="SetSlot" name_id="your name here" slot="0" start_time="0"/>

that will remove your fence and you will have a shortcut.

if you want to use a dynamic its a bit more complicated. since you cant name a dynamic in the editor you will need to assign a name to it in the world.xml directly. and it needs to be set to indestructible to prevent players from moving it with nades.

hope that helps you


if you want a dynamic whats set to indestructible to be set to normal condition again you can use this line of code.

<element type="SetSlot" name_id="your name here" slot="16" start_time="0"/>

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Hi Tinker

Finally found the map that i first saw this in

under events

<element type="SetIndestructable" name_id="fp1" start_time="4"/>

In the area i want to trigger the disappearance (area6)

<element type="SetSlot" name_id="fp1" slot="0"start_time="2"/>

fp1 is what i called the fence panel

start_time is set to 2 so when i walk into area 6 after 2 seconds the fence panel disappears

hope this helps

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