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GR series wallpapers

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i know, oh no, not this thread again! :o :o :o but it saves making a new thread for EVERY new WP i make so!

sorry to break it to you, but now that i'm the slightly better at photoshopping, i'm doing another, smaller pack of higher quality work than the 83, was it? i previously made.

I'm aiming for a maximum of 50 variations, and a minimum of 10.

They'll be finished sometime in October and won't affect Project Novo.

Ones that i've posted recently (the GRFS PS3 ones and the GRAW one) will be added plus, this one i did, yesterday IIRC


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Hey Loosebruce,

You can do as you wish any help and resources are fantastic at this point, I currently have a High Resolution Skull logo that i recreated in plain grey sitting somewhere on my hard drive i might upload that later.

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it's great, don't get me wrong. but that M4 image has been used for so many game wallpapers, it's become a bit too generic. and you can also see that the copyright info has been blacked out, as some of it is still there, if you've used someone else's image, and you know where it came from, always give credit when you post it anywhere

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