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GR series wallpapers

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shadows? are you suggesting i try and do a drop shadow effect? out of complete and utter interest?

Well, the current image looks a bit unnatural, as there is no visual coherence between the soldiers and their surroundings. One aspect is the lack of their shadows on the ground, but there are several means to more convincingly integrate them into the background. Should be a nice project for you to remedy this, even if just to play around with your new Photoshop some more. :D

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that what you mean?

or i may not be cohering with you XD i get confuzzled sometimes... :P

gave it a background and a drop show and inner shadow and moved the layer back looks like i missed bits erasing the black that was left on the layer, but it's the shadow :P

does the image above need it? looks shadowy already that is why i ask

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latest one, i'm roaming about on photoshop Gurus knowing i could probably get a wider variety of tips and tricks there. but that is that for you work is slow, but steady, i'd much rather you have HQ images done really slowly than ###### ones done really quickly :P

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i'm wondering if i should ask permission from Brettzies about this one, as it contains his fabulous work and of course it's namesake.

i just wanted to make one for all those brettzies WP fans :lol:

would i have to ask about it?

oops looks like i missed a bit XD i'll fix that later :P


after a while of thinking, i didn't use this image for numerous reasons.

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good evening people, for any of you who are really bored and want a quick five minute thing to do. heres one for you:


GRAW2 logo

into google, go to page 7, past all the random bikini girls and some guy in a stetsen, two of my new GRAW2 wallpapers have managed to sneak up on there (the one with the blue and green smoke stuff and the one with the blue and yellow smoke stuff)

for those not willing to do so or if it hasn't turned up on google:




and there's the thread if you want to confirm it is my work, or just see how far that one image came.

i WAS meant to keep these a secret but i suppose i better keep you updated.

which reminds me, almost done, some wallpapers haven't changed while the rest are brand new :D

anyhow better get some more ready :D

have a nice, space of time it is in your area :D

oh and another thing

searching "GRAW 2 mitchell" brings these up on the first page :D

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i think 94 may be a good number to stop at.


there's the new Ghost recon series wallpaper pack, some images are the same as last time, but they are the ones i judged as "Good Quality work" but allot of them are different or revamped.

little legal note in there just incase Ubi tries collaring me over image use, i doubt it, but better safe than sorry.


oh right! i thought before you download it you may want a preview of what you are getting in pack 2, other than those above so:




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hey there xxxToasTy

all the [GR] wallpapers in this pack have been tried on 1280x800 as my laptop uses this resolution and they look fine. from what i remember, 1280x800 carries the same aspect ratio as 1400x1050. if it doesn't look right give us a shout and I'll see what i can do my end to recreate it for you.

i'll have a look around and see if i can scope out any [GR] wallpapers @1280x800 resolution for you too. :thumbsup:

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:offtopic: don't mean to be rude or anything if i come across that way, but hammer, please, i think Alex is perfectly capable of making wallpapers as per request. after all all requests on this thread should be regarding her wallpapers, no?

i've PM'd you on the matter, and i'll be having a [small] word with john too.

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Umm, any words you want to have with me Alice you can post here. :rolleyes:

As for being off topic, even Alex said she would report the broken link so she doesn't seem to mind the "Off topic" posts.

No harm done me thinks!! :D

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well, john, i think what i have to say may be seen as off topic, and could hurt the thread but let's not get into that, plus, she would get more annoyed at both of us then.

the expect the PM tomorrow, morning, sorry it will be late I'm shutting down now. my eyes need rest

see? off topic! :P

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This is the ghost recon 1 section, I believe Hammers may actually be more on topic than the OP, but pls no offense intended. I had previously thought of moving this topic to the design area as it is really more about the more recent games. Keep this in mind.

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True enough tinker, but are you going on the images you see in the thread? i can put up ghost recon 1 images if need be, and with me it was a resource thing, if i could find a good enough image that could be easily scaled i would use it, i can happily make more to keep this thread on topic if you want me to :D

to be really honest, i wasn't particularly fussed by hammer posting his wallpapers up, you know if you bake a family cake, it ain't just for you, is it?

i was more worried about the whole broken link moment we had driving the thread to a standstill more than hammer's post, so call this quits and get back on with the thread being the thread?

also, just a note, I'll be more than happy for this to become a team, just for fun project, the more the merrier! :thumbsup:

anyhow sorry for any confusion if at all present and have a nice day :thumbsup:

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