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Recently played through JB Quantum of Solace, nice change from the normal. But a 4 hour SP game, did I miss something? Anyhow the game I played was 90% Casino Royale. <_< Still, it was an FPS game but it had the OTS cover system, which was not so bad.

However, now playing JB Blood Stone, which is the most recent JB game. Now a full OTS game. :( Why bother changing something that was fine.) Stealth kills reward slow mo instant kills ala SC:C. Not sure I will bother finishing this 1.

Bring back GoldenEye

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"Now a full OTS game. Why bother changing "

because thats how most concel games have been made, and concel players like it that way , and as Dev believe thats were the future and the mony lies, It aint gonna change any time soon :huh:

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