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This is another converted mission from GRAW 1 ready forrelease.

Threats: This is a much easier mission. You shouldn’t have any problems with it. Furthermore, it’s going to be very short. You’ll be encountering a lot of enemy soldiers along the way. Thankfully, they won’t be armed very well, so it’ll be very easy to kill them. There are a few stationary machine gun posts in the area, although you should be able to surprise most of them without any problems. The final part of the mission will be slightly more difficult, mostly because you will have to defend a very important VIP against enemy attacks. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be worried about it too much. These fights are going to be fairly easy.Main objective: This mission will require you to take down a few roadblocks that have been placed in one of the central areas of the city. Thanks to that, allied tanks will be able to enter this sector. Next, you’ll rescue a VIP and make sure that he leaves the map safely.

Thanks to JohnTC02 for his help with the lightmaps and textures. :rolleyes:

Thanks also to Rhanman for his Alpha testing comments. :thumbsup:

Thanks to all the Beta testers, I hope I have corrected all the noted problems.

Name for Server: coop_mexbob_bulldog_v2


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