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Operation Stronghold


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I guess I should have elaborated about SOUND: Uninitialized.

The only thing of note in the ike after playing mission ten was countless entries of SOUND: Uninitialized.

Really not an expert on this but as said before, it's possibly an object that is tagged incorrectly.

I don't think it is anything to do with your scripting. Anyways, not a big deal as I don't think it hurts in the least how the mission performs.

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Arrgh...on mission 3, where's the blinkered transmitter I need to demo? I'm in the building and I've tried to demo most all the electronics I can reach...

Found it. I even shot an AT rocket at the transmitter tower earlier in the mission and it didn't blow, but I eventually put my demo next to the wall of the room under the radio tower.

FUN mission! :)

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Thanks again for testing folks. :thumbsup:

so, stupid question, positive or negative experience for you john?

I found it quite positive if not a frustrating experience, after modding GR:AW2 the editor for GR is a different world, I found it quite alien to do the scripting from within the editor using the menu driven system.

I suppose I got so used to scripting via xml it became second nature as I have been doing it this way for quite sometime even before I started modding GR:AW2 I used to make skins for a racing game which involved the use of xml files.

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Hi Dad, :drool:

I have played all these missions:

01 (C-SP) TC02 Plantation

02 (C-SP) TC02 Stronghold

03 (C-SP) TC02 Beach Assault

04 (C-SP) TC02 Camp Badon

05 (C-SP) TC02 Embassy Force

06 (C-SP) TC02 Eagle Strike

07 (C-SP) TC02 Osprey Down

08 (C-SP) TC02 Night Hawk

09 (C-SP) TC02 Tiger Force

10 (C-SP) TC02 Iron Justice

and I think they are really good. :clapping:

Obviously I did die quite a lot but I had a lot of fun, sorry that it has taken so long Dad you Old FART.

Love you Dad Sonia x

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Thanks for testing the missions Sonia pleased you liked them, but...

Did you know that calling an admin a old fart is a bannable offense. :rofl:

Tinker, thanks for testing and for all your help on getting this campaign finished, looks like it's ready for release.

I'm now on my last mission for my GR:AW2 campaign, once that is done I'll get this released.



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Operation Stronghold v2 has now been released.

This is a 10 mission campaign for GR which as been fully tested, also compatible for coop.

This campaign is based in southern Cuba, this is a fictional story revolving around a rebel invasion via the south coast, the Ghosts have been tasked with the job of liberating the country and driving out the rebels by whatever means you deem necessary.

Please note:

OS_Kit_Restrictions needs to be used when playing coop.

This is my first ever mod for GR so I hope you enjoy the campaign as much as I did making it.





Thanks to Tinker for all his help with getting this released and to all that provided the feedback when testing the beta versions.

Also thanks to the following modders for the use of their mods:

BlakOps: OpFor Vehicles by Blakarion.

Vehicle Pack II by Hammer.

Phlook's Placeable objects by Phlookian.

762mm weapons mod by Thumper'.

Tinker for his custom voices and threat indicator from the Rockall mod.

VW Iltis by cobaka.


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Wow, really, really liking this campaign. I'm on Mission 5 and I'm loving the creative use of the embassy map. Can't wait to play through the rest of it.

Having trouble with the WMD in 04 (C-SP) TC02 Camp Badon i get the "wmd located" message but the objective still says incomplete?

Kind of late, but press the action key to open it.

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The Nighthawks team are trying this one out today, looking forward to several weeks of fun. Only had one issue -- the version I got from the DVD Collection of mods is 1.50, and it only came with 8 of the 10 missions. I downloaded the latest version from the site and it was 2.0 so everything is fine now, maybe Rocky should update it on the DVDs?

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