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New GRFS Concept Art.


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nice one!

i'll try figure out what each marker says from that :P

Should be Thanks to =warcloud= for originally posting about these

i noticed them on the facebook page so... :P

well, i looked at the link, got confused then saw the facebook ones and found they were new :P

but okay whatever floats the boat, i just made the thread at the end of the day, not expecting credit just posted it up ;)

Okay the third one has a british registered Ship in it with the back saying

"lyme bay


interesting :P

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Not sure if they had several different people working on them or if they just decided to add some new stuff at the last minute, but they seem to have made a mistake in that at least 3 of the images were the wrong way round (mirrored) when they added the latest layer of information

for example

in the drilling ships scene look at the bow of the other ship the name and logo are wrong... but when you mirror the image the name becomes readable as "~TENA CARRON" and the yellow company logo becomes something "DRILLING"

but when the image is mirrored the "Lyme Bay London" of the closest ship then becomes "wrong" (maybe originally there was only one ship in this scene and later put two scenes together but one mirrored ?) and the "Infiltrate" layer is a different format and much cruder style like it was added later)

when you mirror the tent scene the writing on the tents become "UNHCR", the symbol in front of the jeep is "M203 Hit in 0.0183s" and the Hud info is then legible. looks like had it wrong way round when added the "Protect refugees" and "Restore Peace" (which are in different format and cruder style, like they were also added in later)

when you mirror the Russian scene the HUD info become readable and the badge on the building is the right way round

looks like had it wrong way round when added the "secure building", "Krasnogorsk", "Moscow" and the "23" symbols (which are in different format and style again)

the only one that seems the right way round is the Nigeria "slum" scene (which is also the only scene they didn't add an extra layer to)

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