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I've returned, for better or worse!

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Hello all! I'm back for good after a brief stint out of state. Now......I had to reinstall GR, and I cant remember how or where the 1.4 patch goes. I already have the 1.3, and asking anyone in UBI is useless. Can someone help me out, I need to play a few heavy duty rounds to get back in form.....if I had one to begin with!! Thanks to all as always!! :wall::o=:wall::o=:wall:

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Hey killa, long time. I'm sorry, I didnt explain very clearly.......

I d/l 1.3 and 1.4 a while ago. I have them saved to a folder separate from everything else. Currently, my GR is set for 1.3, but I have the 1.4 patch already. I just dont know where to put it to get it going. Thanks for the link, and I'll use it if all else fails. Thanks :o=

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