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Free Xbox Live Ghost Outfits

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United States Only.

Thanks to Ubisoft we have four codes to give away that will deck your Xbox Live avatar out in Ghost Recon kit!


We have two male and two female codes to giveaway! To have your name included in the draw just make a post here including your Xbox live Gamertag, or PM it to me. I'll send the winners codes on Sunday the 19th at 9pm GMT.

* The outfits may vary from the image shown.

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I changed my Gamertag ages ago after i played the first Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.. I loved that bloody game!!! it got my hooked...

I can't wait for Future Soldier!!!

Gamertag : S0L1DGH0S7117

Male Avatar

the "0" is a zero in both solid and ghost and the "I" in S0L1D is a one. and obviously the "7" is the T in Ghost...

so its like; S-zero-L-one-DGH-zero-S7117.

Hope u get it lol.


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