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The "Blue circles" on guns & HUD discussion

Pave Low

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I have a guess. It's a new nomenclature I created. Some people may recognize it as of 'artistic-license'-kind. For me it's 'Pseudo-Functional-Gadgetry-That-Does-Not-Help-You-And-In-Fact-Is-Not-Believeable-But-Make-The-Game-Look-Like-Uber-Tacticool'.


I like it!

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not blue circles but HUD related


one thing i picked up on



well duuh he aint really going to be over the moon over someone coming to snap his neck!

now for blue circle related


i think the Boxart may be slightly OTT as in game, it isnt so bad.

i think the circles indicat ethe gun and the individual barrel attachments like a silencer

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:rofl: that was a bit dumb.

i have actually thought of something, that sounds feasible. you know the blue diamonds in GRAW? notice how they have vanished in GRFS (i think) and the only thing the ghosts have that they can ID each other with (apart from their outlines when behind walls) are the blue rings on the gun, it tells hem where their gun is essentially positioned (hence why there are 2 and not just one) and if they have a barrel attachment or not. so in a sense it's IFF

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sorry didnt know where to put this it would be useless putting it in a new hread so


high resolution image of said blue circles. and i can now see that the projection for the AR is from a projector near his right ear.

and some food for thought for you guys, admin feel free to move it.

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:hmm: then we shouldn't be able to see them when we look externally at the ghosts.....

Probably just artistic license, yeah. Sort of like how your arms become transparent when you cloak, even if you're wearing short sleeves. I'm 99% sure it's intended to be something that's projected onto your monocle display.

Still I don't really mind the HUD. The way they've designed it in the game may not be all that practical, but at least it's based on real technology. I could definitely see something like that on the battlefield in 10-20 years, if not sooner.

It's crazy to think about what all the military has tucked away in it's R&D. The cloaking tech has been around since at LEAST the 70's

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