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At last I found some time to finish off some wallpapers. Head over to http://www.magnumkp.com to check them out.

Let me know which ones you like and which ones you don't (for future updates). Working on some more RvS and Splinter Cell ones (and GTA Vice City which I'll pick up on Monday :) )

(PS Finished my signature. I got bored kept tweaking it, so this is one I designed back in February :()

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Thanks guys, I've fixed the Knock Knock one. (It is the worst of the bunch though)

All the Ghost Recon ones were using a 32mb Nvidia TNT Riva, apart from the Frostbite and the Camp one. I just set everything to High, and put up with the lag. Luckily all the others were using a spangly new Raedon 9700.


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