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Any Interest [in a GR league? ]

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Good morning all.

I've been a massive fan of Ghost Recon since launch, played various different leagues and ladders (BQL, TAG, IGS, etc) and spent the best part of a zillion hours perfecting my left and right peeks :)

I am keen to find out what demand there is for a GR league? It would be awesome to get everyone back online and playing again. Lets face it... in 10 years has anything even come close to replacing this game for you?

I could probably get at least 10-20 players back online.

What are your thoughts?


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And then of course you could try to get in contact with the guys over at Ghost League. I know they had problems filling the ranks for the league last year, but there's a strong influx of new (old?) GR players this year (Xfire and GameRanger servers are alive and kicking), so I don't know if this couldn't be revived.

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