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Free XBox Live Codes - Look for Updates


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9JUN11 - 1700EST

I'm making this thread one that I, or anyone, can reply to with new codes in the future. Seems like Ubi is trying to hype up both GR games with some freebies, so as they're available, I'll post what I find.

These are time sensitive, or at least one time use codes, so get them, try them, and hope they work!

These are probably one time codes... so benefit's to whoever's online now!

Guess the missing letter!

Male Ghost outfit V67DY-3M?FG-93XY2-2VX6J-Y434Z

Female Ghost outfit 6WXJC-YDC62-VFMTH-V9?4F-KW6VZ

Male Ghost outfit 7DCMG-YKX6G-P46GQ-CDTMP-KW9D?

Female Ghost outfit 7X4Y7-4?974-XMTQ6-2XFT7-3H9KZ

Post if you claim one!

10:14PM EST : One Male and One Female code are used right now! No idea which ones.

11:35PM EST : I imagine by now these are all used up, but feel free to try anyway!

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New Ones!

Same as before! They only work once, so if someone beats you to it... sorry!

HYH29-X267X-C9R97-2HGW7-M7H2Z - MALE




Hurry up and try them before someone else gets them first! :thumbsup:

I'm also going to add what should already be an obvious disclaimer:

I am not the creator of these codes and they are NOT exclusive to GR.net. I'm getting them from Ubi's PR system and passing them along to out GR.net XBox users who are online at the time. You HAVE to jump on these the second I post them. It's a "you snooze you lose" scenario.




5:00PM EST : No New codes posted. My guess is that all of the above have been taken, but I'll leave them up on the off chance there's one that hasn't been!

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