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how do you imagine fellow members on here in real life?


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hey, guys, been quiet recently because i have literally given up with Ghost recon and everything ubisoft related. they even killed rayman :wall: anyway that belongs in another thread, just posting this topic up as a fun thread to get to know how people perceive other people and i am hoping it isn't invasive or breaking any rules in any way, shape or form. and also to let you know that unfortunately for you lot i am still alive and still around :lol:

anyhow, the rules are

no "slagging off" other members it's not nice, and just to let you know they can actually read what you are saying.

Keep it clean profanity is prohibited here any way, but any sexual innuendo of sorts is just wrong.

nothing offensive links to slagging off, it ain’t nice.

but be truthful everyone has defects and no-one is perfect. and people should not take offence if someone says you are grey haired or bald, because it is dumb, no offence. why not just laugh it off?


if you think someone is an Asian males or whatever, say it, there is nothing wrong with it so long as the P, C and N word arent used. again to those reading the description, laugh it off if it is wrong or feel free to say otherwise.

Dont be invasive this thread was started as a fun thread and wasn't intended as privacy invasion or a slag off thread. so anyone who thinks it's funny to harass other members for details they don't want to reveal will be reported.

it isn't limited to how you see other people, it can be a description of you if you want.

okay so basically how it works is for someone as mysterious as Apexmods (sorry about using you there) what do you imagine he/she looks like in real life? the description can be as vague as you want it to be.

people with pictures of themselves dotted about on these forums (like ruin, sorry again) are not ones to be described unless you honestly don't know of a picture.

anyway nuff said. you know the rules and regulations now.

i'll let you lot start off. :D

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I would imagine that people here are just like any people anywhere else in the world...

Heading to work:


Relaxing on the weekend:


Washing the car:


Spending time with the kids:


Playing with the family pet:


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just found it online, why is it against the rules?

almost exactly like her though, obviously like i said, mum is in her 30s and the image is of a teenager and mum actually has blonde hair and wears cargo pants when skating

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Like this.

nope, this is more of a fun thread than an info thread. but it's a good call :thumbsup:


and i NEVER sit on my skateboard. the position is too uncomfortable and the board has a tendency of rolling away if you sit on it.

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Come on now Alice, you can't ask me "how do you imagine other members look in real life?" and then say "No" to my answer! :lol:

My answer is mine.. and really I try NOT to imagine what other people look like on here. Adds to the fun of the anonymity of the internet.

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I think if this thread continues the forums are going to ask for pics of you and Alex! Mom and Daughter sporting some GR paraphernalia or something, haha.

Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Compact. That's my bigger carry pistol. Love to shoot that thing. Ruger LCP is my smaller pocket pistol... but I digress.

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3 words:

Got No Chance,

number 1 Alex has this problem with posting images of herself on the internet and number 2, i can't get the confidence up, the best you'll get is me in a shemagh and tac vest with my trusty M41 bb gun looking like a total ###### :P

or if i can find images of me with the Vintorez or any other image of me with a gun i'll post those up, but honestly dont know where they have gone.

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And don't forget the fish!

i was going to start a thread about my fish, introduce you all to them, the ones from Blue Planet (in Ellesmere port up in the north west) are all fish no people, i hate people staged shots, they just seem so fake.

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number 1 Alex has this problem with posting images of herself on the internet and number 2, i can't get the confidence up

What if I get an OD fish tank and some GR swag to send the three of you? :hehe: Ballcap and sunglasses?

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