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Yes, you're right, it is photoshopped, because something that big wouldn't be able to reach the speed to take off on such a short runway.

And what I said earlier was just a small joke so chill Wall_e :D

oh it totally would :P its even connected on the launch catapult too.. The thing would just totally flop down on the ocean, causing the carrier to sway and rock all the jets off too..


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Doggy up for adoption.

Goes by the name Lil'brown. But also responds to: Belzebub - Abaddon - Belial - Leviathan - Lucifer - Satan.

He's friendly and playful, as long as you don't raise your voice or the TV as he reacts to loud noises. (this also depends on your definition of friendship and playfulness)

He eats about 3 teenager's weight a day, in crackers of course, blood crackers.

If interested please message me and we can arrange the transfer.

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