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Objective not completing after vehicle destroying

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Back again folks...sorry :dunce:

I have a vehicle to destory as an objective. As i enter area1 the mission objective appears in the hud and the waypoint shows, i explode the c4 destroy the vehicle but the objective does not update to complete neither does it disappear.

<event name="start_area1">

       <element type="UnitInArea" area="area1" state="deactivate"/>

       <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group1" start_time="0"/>

       <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="gun1" start_time="0"/>

       <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="gun2" start_time="0"/>

       <element type="EnableUnit" name_id="c4_aa1" start_time="3"/>

       <element type="Objective" id="obj1" state="add" headline_id="mx_obj1_head" txt_id="mx_obj1_txt" waypoint_id="mx_obj1_wp" waypoint="-281 1550 51" mode="1" start_time="3.0"/>


       <event name="aa1_trigger">

       <element type="DisableUnit" name_id="c4_aa1" start_time="15"/>


       <event name="update_objective1">

       <element type="Objective" id="obj1" state="add" headline_id="mx_obj1_head" txt_id="mx_obj1_txt2" waypoint_id=" mx_obj1_wp" waypoint="-281 1550 51"mode="1" start_time="3.0"/>


<event name="complete_objective1">

       <element type="Objective" id="obj1" state="remove" headline_id="mx_obj1_head" txt_id="mx_obj1_txt2" waypoint_id=" mx_obj1_wp" waypoint="-281 1550 51" mode="1" start_time="0.0"/>


Do i need to make the objective the c4?

Im obviously missing something but my tiny brain hasnt worked it out..any help would be appreciated


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? just an idea.

i might be making a stab in the dark here

and the start time on the Remove script is 0 not sure if that needs to be changed or not?

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i never tried around much with the objective since it doesnt work on a dedicated server (even worse it will crash a dedi server),

but the remove objective line seems wrong.

try this event, that should at least remove it. it worked for me once.

<event name="complete_objective1">

<element type="Objective" id="obj1" state="remove" mode="1" start_time="0"/>


are you sure the trigger is right? you can always add tihs element for testing purpose:

its only usefull for testing, since only the host of a server will see that line.

<element type="ShowMessage" msg="you can type any text you want here!!!"/>

maybe that will help you a bit.

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