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Not able to command Ghosts

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First of all i am a good old fan of Ghost recon-1, and was enjoying it quite well, recently i bought a new laptop for gaming HP G62 361tx laptop and installed GRAW it installed without any problem and also running well without any problems, just have a little problem, i am not able to command the other ghosts to attack , follow or recon , after selecting the ghost the menu open in which i am not able to change the selection form move(as its default ) to other options like attack, recon or follow, using the laptop keys and mouse not using any other external mouse.

tired to search a bit but getting the solution of this problem but only for a desktop PC not laptop, posting the solution here so it may help u guys to understand the people.


please help me out as i have already finished first act and now onto the second act and i read somewhere that after it its a must to know how to command ghosts.

Thanks in Advance

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if i am seeing this correctly, you need an external mouse with a mouse wheel, or change the config in options for the selection up/down as arrow up/down :P

if i am not understanding, please feel free to scream at me, i can't access that site from this blooming network :rant:

sorry if it caused an inconvenience

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all they keys are set to default still not able to move thru command menu.

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okay so the whole game hasn't buggered up on you then, that's good.

if you go into the settings folder, you will see an Xml named ctrl_set_def

open it with notepad and seek out

<button id="hud_up" binding="mouse wheel up" device="mouse" group="debug"/>

<button id="hud_down" binding="mouse wheel down" device="mouse" group="debug"/>

and change it to something like

<button id="hud_up" binding="arrow up" device="keyboard" group="debug"/>

<button id="hud_down" binding="arrow down" device="keyboard" group="debug"/>

keep messing about with the XML until the keys work on the orders. and make sure you have the select set to an unbinded key too.

and back up the original XML if something goes wrong you can just replace it.

sorry again if i don't quite make sense :P

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