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Don't mess with the Marines


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ouch! well, at least no one died eh? what a place to be when a criminal is on the loose. toys for tots Classic! the marines are pretty tough but, i can't really comment, i'm too young to serve, and unfortunately i am a girl. if i was going to join any army it would be back in Finland :P

when he slipped and fell off the curb after stabbing the Marine

:rofl: if you are going to stab a proud server of their country in the back, make sure you don't make an utter ###### of yourself afterwards

just one thing to add on to it:



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Apex, that's an Net "Urban Legend" story, it does the rounds of the net/email every few months since November 2010,

it is based partly on a true story but the last paragraph is made up (and sometimes the group is changed to a military unit of whatever the county it's being reported in).

(The audience is supposed to read between the lines in the preceding text and conclude that the suspect did not fall but rather was beaten by the other three Marines.)

None of the news accounts we examined indicated that Attaway was injured, either while being subdued or afterwards.

That bit appears to be pure invention on the part of the person who inserted the additional paragraph into the news account,

thereby transforming it into a "Don't mess with the Marines" object lesson.


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